Beatrix thoughts and bugs

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #81

It’s called being good

But seriously, you really are overestimating toby (who marquis counters) but Ill let @HandsomeCam deal with his weakness if he wants

Marquis has a VERY small hitbox, high damage, easy crits, wave clear late game, less easily shut down with the hoodinies, has people revealed on the map, is NOT reliant on his abilities, and has an incredibly high damage ult if you are good with it, and he has temporal distortion which can do damage, be huge, and last a long time potentially, have you been with good marquis, because your severely underestimating him

(Penguin connoisseur.) #82

Yes, Marquis is arguably the weakest of Toby’s hard counter. To be fair, i hesr he’s a bigger threat on PC (because of the whole mouse > controller thing), so i can’t offer speculation on that end.

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I meant tobies downsides lol

(Penguin connoisseur.) #84

Big crit-box, no good close-game without stun or slow mine, range shuts him down. Also too apologetic, and has no self-esteem.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #85

Weakness countered by his anger issues



Oh, Cade. You made another funny.

Have I been good? I’ve mastered every character in the game, and have positive kill to death ratios as all but one of them. As Marquis? I have a 408-249 kill to death ratio. I’ve won 45 out of 76 matches as him, and a highest kill streak, 21. So, yeah. I’d say I’m pretty good as Marquis. But, like I said: at this point, only when my team can carry their own weight. It seems to me that any match I play as Marquis where my team is winning, the team could carry on without Marquis there at all.

Toby vs Marquis is irrelevant. Marquis has always been a Toby counter. I’m talking about what Marquis can do for his team, versus what Toby can do for his team, as snipers. Not what they can do against each other.

I’m not overestimating Toby, or underestimating Marquis. I’m stating empirical evidence. TOBY OUT DAMAGES MARQUIS. LIKE, LITERALLY. Sure, Marquis’ owls are beasts once you get windfall, but that’s level EIGHT. By then, it’s rarely enough time to make a difference in the match.

You still haven’t said what the highest kill to death ratio you’ve seen Marquis get (on a winning match) where the opponent is of equal skill?

I’m not saying that Marquis can’t do well, I’m just saying that Toby offers more for the team, and takes less effort. For me, anyways. Furthermore, that Marquis isn’t a valid reason for Beatrix to be nerfed. If Toby can beat Beatrix where Marquis can’t, that means Marquis is the one with the problem, not Beatrix.

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Agreed; Toby is the sh*t.

(Desimoneprime) #88

She burns through FF. I had ISIC with fresh rotating wards, full shields and full health in Monuments last night, and she killed me before I even realised she was there, hiding behind Montana. She can outshoot Marquis with her scopes, and outmelee most DPS strikers. I put 2 full clips of 30 tac rounds into her from short range with OM, and she didn’t go down. Stupid, stupid toon. I’m considering going on break from BB until she gets a major nerf.

(Penguin connoisseur.) #89

I had her tank a full core discharge with both of us at full health. Freaking life steal BS…

(Jedc750) #90

very highly doubt this.

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #91

She has enough health to live through that.

(Keadron) #92

Most characters live through that.

(PSN: Hellyeah935 ) #93

That’s um… yeah that’s true.

(Desimoneprime) #94

Sad, but true. OM really needs a damage boost.