Beatrix's Ultimate "Outbreak" = Useless Ult in competitive

She weakens + silences targets with a skill
She can boost ATK speed to 25%
She has a long range weapon that wounds enemies (very good when they have a pocket healer)
And for F*ck sake , her melee is OP

But one thing I don’t understand … the Ult .

Outbreak : "Plagues a target for 8 seconds dealing 42 damage per second and wounding them, reducing healing received by 60%. these effects spread among nearby enemies"
42-50 DPS (8*45 = 360 DMG in total) + healing received reduction (doesn’t reduce the HP Reg)…
Usually the Ultimate is something you want to use to change the course of battle , but this literally does nothing

Her passive does the reduction up to 3-5 seconds, so where is exactly the USE of her ultimate ?

IMO , her ULT should debuff enemies to NOT get any health at all (that Includes HP Reg).
Yea , I know , I went to far with the idea…


It’s a good damn ult which makes all healing incredibly weak with ease while spreading damage, while also have 3 good helix choices, don’t know what there is to complain about

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Her melee isn’t op LOL

Are you trolling or have you just never seen lady B in competitive play?

Because I assure you, Outbreak is the crucible which makes or breaks a push every time I see it land.


actually it does. since summer wound has been modified to affect incoming healing, health regen and lifesteal.


The Wound debuff has been modified
Wound now reduces healing, health regeneration and lifesteal received by 60%"



Outbreak basically makes it so the enemy team doesn’t have any healing if you use it right. It also has a heavy DoT, can clear minion waves very fast, and can keep a sentry’s shield down for quite a while. It’s a very useful ult with tons of utility especially in competitive play.


I got lucky and i got a double kill with beatrix ult almost a Triple is a good Ultimate

One of the most useful ULT in the game. I can’t get the point of the thread.

Oh man, I never thought to use it on the sentry. Good idea!

Something to note is that it also transfers through buildables.

That includes turrets, accelerators, supply stations, Kleese rifts, and I think sunspots count too.

It also has the psychological effect of making the entire enemy team hate each other for the next 8 seconds because one guy accidentally spead the ult to everyone else.

I’d argue that the ult one of, if not the stupidest thing about her tbh.

Just to clear things , I have no hate towards Beatrix .
I actually really like her !
Her abilities are useful as hell. Its just that I never find the chance to hit a whole team with it.

I think it has to do with the reason I play Meltdown mainly. So I don’t find situations where I can use it.

The whole advantage you get in incursion is invalid in other modes (which is why I questioned her Ult’s usefulness.

It is mildly less useful in Meltdown, but slapping it on a wave as it nears mid blocks melee BB from helping waveclear at all, and it completely nukes Miko / Ambra / Alani if they manage to catch it.

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Using it on one single Battleborn i agree can be somewhat underwhelming, but the real beauty in the ability is how easily and quickly it snowballs. Even in Meltdown i’ve hit say a wave like @vagrantsun mentioned, and it transfers to a turret if they have it setup, to the nearby battleborn, and they usually panic and take it to their accelerator, and maybe even their back turret. It’s just plain nasty when you think about it being a mass wound and dot on TOP of the fact that she’s already spreading wounds and dots all over the place with her injector attack

U can use it on a minion wave when enemy bb try to get the overshield.

Many players get close to their minions, use it when they do it.
Or in their healing station if more than 1 is there.

It spreads to anything with a health bar. Ernest’s egg, Miko’s ult, Hoodini, Health Drones, Toby’s shield, ISIC’s wards (assuming you didn’t try to directly hit it and have it bounce back in your face), etc.

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Yeah that ult is still very effective, it forces player to get apart from each other is practically a wave killer.

No Ultimate is useless.


Useless is the last thing I’d use to describe Beatrix Ult. Annoying is more like it. Especially at LvL10

Not to hi-jack this thread, but i remember everyone freaking out over Toxic Hypoxia when it was announced initially.

Has anyone actually had a successful Toxic Hypoxia occur to them or for them? This might be a crazy question.

But I play vs or with a Beatrix maybe 75% of my incursion games and ive never actually noticed it occur to the enemy team. And I definitely haven’t been randomly stunned by it either.

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I actually witnessed the stun for the first time just the other day on overgrowth. My team was taken aback when we saw several of the players get stunned.

On topic - I think Outbreak is one of the better ults in the game. It makes an opposing team spread out for the duration. It can separate healers from tanks, allowing an opening to dispatch either.