Beauty and the Beast - Skill Tree or Class Mod

I would like to leave a suggestion to the developers, I was talking to a friend about Moze’s gameplay mode, and I said that generally players try to use the builds that reward them most efficiently, but he said that Moze’s design was based on alternating between using the Bear or the soldier, with that in mind, I had the following idea:

The Beauty and the Beast

“Every time Iron Bear [game mechanic] Moze gains 1 stack from [The Beast]”
“Each time Moze [game mechanic] Iron Bear gets 1 stack from [Beauty]”

The stacks countdown is 60 seconds and starts after leave or enter Iron Bear.

The stacks of [Beauty] or [Beast] do the same thing (buff damage and or damage reduction, etc…) and they start counting from the moment Moze enters or leaves the Iron Bear, entering or leaving the Iron Bear also ends the stack of the opposite stack type (you can’t have [Beast] stacks inside the Bear and you can’t have [Beauty] stacks outside the bear …)

About Stacks:

  • The buff that the stacks give;
  • which mechanics add stacks;
  • the maximum number of stacks;

all dat, I leave it to the devs to continue the idea (if it be interest) that would make this gameplay design viable and fun to alternating between the Bear (the Beauty) and Moze (the Beast).


Intriguing idea, though we all know that Moze is the real beast. IB is a perfect cinnamon roll.

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