Because Hotfix nerfs/buffs

Search for:

  • Transformer booster shield
  • Anointed Stormfront
  • linoge (fire,+120% Melee-Damage)
  • sickle
  • faisor
  • ConferenceCall (what a pitty there is no bee out there atm to broken pellets abuse xD)

Have on sale:

  • Flakkers
  • Butchers
  • Lyudas
  • Hex
  • Cutsmanns
  • Crossroads
  • Laser-Sploder (new on sale)

(That was just a joke, but if somebody looking after them for offline, why not)

Sorry misanderstood something, Laser-Sploder are also on sale!

Have devils foursome in nearly any element (sadly not anointed).

I think that says all.

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Lol nice post.

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