Because We Love Battleborn ! (French Fan publication)

This is only a publication of a French fan. :fr: :statue_of_liberty: :frog:

This may sound silly but people know cry out when they are not happy then why can’t we do the opposite? :smiley:

I just read the return of developers about the technical test which I participated in game and on the forum (only now, I know, I’m very very very busy … :pensive: )

Since the announcement of this game I’m impatient at one impossible degrees, it was already the same at the time of Borderlands 2 ! :wink: What do you want !? When Gearbox and 2K Games join their forces they lay us real jewels!

I am delighted to see that TT players feedbacks were took seriously, especially about the snowball effect which for me totally ruin the competitive gaming experience in both teams (winning or losing) .

I’m honoring the fact that the output of games is postponed for be improve even if it makes my unbearable waiting ! :sob:

I can’t wait to see this new project once finished! The work done for Borderlands 2 was amazing (it’s still ^^) and I hope to see the same followed on Battleborn even one year after its release. I don’t doubt that there will be DLC and probably a season pass and i hope it will be the same generosity (price / content / quality) than Borderlands 2 —> this season pass is also, IMHO the best season pass (price / content / quality) in the world of video games and believe me I bought lot of seasons pass! ^^

Short ! I just want share my huge admiration and my support through play directed by the alliance of these two studios that are Gearbox and 2K Games.

I don’t know if this article will be read by the developer team. (although it would be great :blush: ).

Best regards, a French fan.

(If there’s some… ok … many languages ​​mistakes, I’m really sorry, I’m not bilingual ! But i practice. :smile: )

Make LOVE not War ! :kissing:

Caldarius :boom: :heart: :boom:

Thanks so much for this, @D4rK-Diva (or should I say Merci beaucoup mon amie?). I’ll pass this on to the team and also tag @Jythri so he can see it first hand! :smile:

OMAGHAD ! :grinning: :blush:

Thank you for having took your time to read my encyclopedia and respond.

Your welcome, it’s only the truth.

I spent some great times during the TT, either with friends or perfect strangers. This was only a foretaste what is more, so I already expect to spend incredible evenings on the final Battleborn ( like on Borderlands 1, 2 ) ! :grinning:

And for the little message in French (which I appreciate) we write ( for my case) “mon ami” (“amie” is for girl) (Yeah I’m a boy :wink: ) But this isn’t I who will lecture you because my English is far from perfect ! :joy:

It seemed to me important to share a positive opinion about work that deserves it. :grinning:

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Well, in that case, I’m sure glad I didn’t brag about my one year of high school French finally paying off (which I very nearly did)! :wink:

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:smile: There is no problems, French is a hard language to learn, Trust me ! I’m French ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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