Bee and gaige vs dragons

Please, does anyone know if the bee works with deathtrap, need to kill some dragons :sweat_smile:

The Bee and other Amp Shields boost bullet damage. Deathtrap sadly does not shoot bullets. :man_shrugging:

The best tip I can give you is to equip the Bee after summoning Deathtrap if you’re using Sharing Is Caring, cause giving him a shield with all the protection value of a wet paper bag doesn’t really help.

His damage is boosted by Roid Shields of all kinds and flavours.

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Good advice from Curm there. Avoid using a shield with an elemental attack on it, as this may trigger the corresponding elemental immunity on a dragon if it connects before the dragon lands. (So avoid something like the impaler, FotFH, etc.) There’s a couple of good roid shields you can get as side quest rewards if you didn’t already complete them. You’ll likely find additional suggestions in the Gaige ‘Top Gear’ thread, or any of the Deathtrap centric builds.

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Thanks mates !!

Not sure if this still works, but I recall there was a glitch where Gaige could have almost 100% up time on her shields, so Gaige wearing the bee would be beneficial, but not very useful on DTrap.

I know bro, but havent tested it yet