Bee Shield in Tiny Tina's Dungeon Quest

About 6 levels back I got a Bee Shield in the Forest area of Tiny Tina’s Quest DLC. On returning to try and get an ungraded version I found that there were no Tree-ants. There are a few Stumpies and one Tree-ant close to the start, but in the area just over the footbridge (where I earlier got the Bee Shield) there are a few Stumpies but no Tree-ants. Does this mean that you can only get one Bee Shield from this location or do the Tree-ants only appear randomly? I am a solo Level 59 Assassin .

Comments on this would be appreciated.


No, you should get tree-ants every time. Sometimes they don’t spawn right away, but there are several areas you can trigger them (all directions relative to the path you need to follow for the main quest):

  • Right below where you enter
  • To the left, towards the hill where the teenage tree-ant will give you a quest once it unlocks
  • To the right, at the blacksmith’s (the area Tina didn’t balance!)
  • In the Orc logging camp

You should be able to get up to 6 each time (as long as some partially completed side quest isn’t blocking them - not sure if any of the side quests do that, but it’s a possibility)

2 in the Orc Camp and 2 where you obtained the Bloodfruit to continue on

1 by the building
1 on the hill heading for the mimic chest

this area I’ve found it seems like you get between 1 and 3 per run

always 1

this is what I have encountered while farming them, so just remember that results may vary per run but this seems about average


I’m slightly confused about this teenage treant area because sometimes I don’t get any there. Is there something I have to do to get them to spawn?

I did see an internet video (accuracy not confirmed) which claimed that the two Treants at the bloodfruit gathering area are most likely to drop it, so a good way is to come in via the Immortal Woods, run through the Orc camp, and kill those two.

Kill Stumpies. I get two every single time.

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Definitely kill the stumpies, but also make sure you go down through that area to the right of the teenage tree-ant hill. I’m not sure if it’s killing the stumpies or passing certain physical locations that triggers the spawns. Obviously a rigorous scientific study is in order!

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I’ve gotten the bee from all the areas mentioned, but have not noticed any one area having a better drop rate then the others
Also to me it seems quicker to spawn at the fast travel in the forest, then it does traveling to the immortal woods FT and then traveling to the Forest

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Well, if you’re just going after the Orc camp, you can reopen the game outside the Immortal Woods entrance in the Forest and just run down to them. I don’t know for sure about the drop rates but it is a quick farming method.

Just seems that way to me, in truth both are probably just as quick, but after the first run I just save an quit in the forest, then restart, and repeat as much as I want from that point.
plus my runs include the whole run not just one area, otherwise I feel that I’m missing half the farming run

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I usually get about 3 per run but that’s because I don’t run down to the logging camp and usually save quit after the plateau. There’s usually 1 when you enter the forest from the fast travel and 2 spawn one after the other when you reach the area past Aubrey the Treeant.

Did some farming this weekend and got about 8+ bee shields in an hour, but nothing too exciting. I might try heading down to the logging camp on my next run.

I’ve only ever gotten one bee from the treeants. I get a whole lot more from hunter helquist. Is it proven if the trees are a better source of farming? I get that more spawn inthe same area than Hunter does. Maybe I’ve just had weird rng.

Could be time for some testing… I do need some decent Bees. How many kills of each boss would make a good enough sample size do you reckon? (And @VaultHunter101 don’t you DARE remind me how much PhD work I should be doing!)

I’d say 35ish. Maybe?

I’ve gotten so many Bees from the Forest. Sold dozens of them off. But it’s all RNG (as you know).


Have no fear, testing is being carried out! Never underestimate my commitment to procrastination valuable scientific data!





If anyone else is feeling enthusiastic, do you think you could help get me some info on what makes the teenage area treants to spawn? I’m at a loss. I’ve tried killing everything and running around everywhere. :dukefp:

That’s just strange. I’ve ran that area hundreds of times and I always get 2 Treants. One is often already spawned either right at the start or in the lower area.

Edit note: This is in UVHM. I don’t run the Forest on lower difficulties.

the treeants for me are better for farming, Hunter Helquist is one I only visit if I bother to pick up the mission now, have never gotten a bee from him in all the time I farmed him

I usually run the entire area and most often get a spawn at each location- rarely do I fail to get treants at the Aubrie Hill section. Needless to say, I’ve gotten most of my Bees from the Forest, outside of a few rare world drops…