Bee Shield Overload!

I’ve had about 5 Bee sheilds drop from Treeants in the TTAoDK DLC in an hour… is this normal?!? Or is this due to the tinkering with the loot drop rates?

Similar experience for me as well!
doing a freshplay with a friend,
We got 3 Bee’s in about 40 minutes
2 from Hellquist, 1 from Treeants :smiley:
Drop Rate boost is awesome

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I got 2 bee’s in 5 runs from that radioguy. Also lots of legendary and pearls from the lootmidgets in wildlife. Including the mothafucking conference call. It was the social CC but still,my first one:)

Been noticing it too. Took me 2 runs to score purple magic missiles when it took me at least 10 on my old gen console.
IDK if their loot drop adjustments only apply to legendary or higher gear, but it definitely benefits us “start-overers” quite well :smiley:

Im not noticing any difference in drop rates been playin daily on pt1 krieg an not even had a purple drop except a nade mod from saturn. Really odd ive done nearly 3 playtheoughs since the loot drop increase an not a single legendary an only a couple purples between tps an bl2

Ive even killed about 15 loot midgets in total an not even had a weapon drop from any of them let alone a legendary. I dunno wot im doing wrong but im finding only greens an whites with the odd blue an a purple like once or twice a playthrough from the bigger bosses like saturn etc. tps is the same.

Lots of legendaries from the loot midgets in wildlife .infinity,slagga.conference call (the social and potential) some times the midgets give me nothing but sometimes they give a lot. It’s still random and don’t give up after 3 runs. Also lots of midgets in thousand cuts but most of the time they give nothing or purple relics.

That radio guy in the arid nexus area gives me a bee everytime i try to get one. Its really done within minutes because he’s very close to your spawnpoint. Also a big chance for lootmidgets in one of the lootboxes near your spawnpoint there. One of them gave me a pearl.

When you go for the slagga i suggest you do the the mission clan wars. Its a long ass mission but on the end you can kill that guy over and over within seconds because you literally spawn in front of him and gives you also lots of xp.

To be fair, apart from the Bee Shield, I cant say I’ve noticed any significant changes in drop rates with regards to decent loot at all.
I’m on TVHM with Kreig, Level 40, and kitted out with mainly green and blue gear because I can’t find anything better or comparable (and one of my equipped guns is still level 31!).

Guess it comes down to random is random.
Me and my buddy have had an awesome experience-
Zarpedon in TVHM dropped Prismatic Bulwark, ZX-1, ‘Handsome’ head in story play
Old Slappy dropped like, 5 Strikers? In about 8 kills, etc etc
It’s been plain awesome :smile:

Although, the one thing that hasn’t worked out is spawning
Triple O in 4 player mode :frowning:
Total about 8 hours over a week- have not even seen him lol
I want my Twister!