Bee Shields gone mad

Hey guys just had to post, I’m on ps4 handsome collection and at blood tree camp and bee Shields are dropping every run, had 3 on one run currently got 7 shields in 15 minutes, no idea what is going on I’m in heaven though, anyone had this happen??? I spent all day yesterday trying to get a legendary siren at level 50 and nothing all day. Anyone wanna swap a bee for a legendary siren you can take your pick out of 7 all at lv 52/53.


Those big trees do drop bees at a good rate (compared to the uber-stingy rates other legendaries tend to have). They’ve been nerfed a couple of times, but they’re still very useful when you can prevent taking damage.

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I had 11 in a hour, just seemed like Xmas I never had that many when playing on ps3, strange thing is too I though I’d try my luck else where while it was going well, and got a legendary siren +solider mod + bouncing bunny in same chest first run on Marcus train, then a quality baby maker (fire) on second run tundra express off madam von. Out of 11 bees though I never got one with element resistance, I’ve never had one in 3 years.
There must just be days when everything drops as there is days when nothing drops at all.

I have never seen a legit elemental bee myself. That doesn’t bother me, since I switch to another shield when I start taking frequent damage.

I had one once on ps3 bout a year ago, it was inflammable I didn’t even know it was for months I didn’t click why I wasn’t taking fire damage, I’ve never seen one since. I never used to have Internet connection on when playing borderlands 2 on ps3 and my drop rates were really good too.