Been away a few weeks - new incursion map is bloody awful

And people like you aren’t helpful either. I am entitled to state my thoughts, for sure I’ve done enough supporting of this game in the time it’s been out. I’ve supported and tried to push Battleborn since release…and in the face of huge odds.

Don’t tell me to leave.


Short story;

Played on the new Incursion map, I HATED IT.

Constantly feeling like I need to be on guard, no safe route from point A to point B, and open to some random unseen attack that could come from anywhere, be it above or below.

Then I realised that THAT was the entire point. And then I built a bridge and got the **** over myself.

The end.

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Lol didn’t tell you to leave. I told you to stay gone. Bb doesn’t need anymore complainers. I’m not going to bother continuing to argue. The new updates are out. Play the game. You don’t like it. Stop playing. This community and game needs great members. Stay positive. Cheers!

Well, I´m probably the worst PvP-gamer in history, I guess I stopped connecting lost marches to the map-layout long ago :sweat_smile: Thats why I pointed out that it might be designed for those rare uber-pros out there.

My favourite is still Echelon, though everyone hates it…

I only had a chance to see it on the stream. Too much loot to get atm for me to play PvP. But, I like that they went with more of an “FPS-type” map. Something where you have to be aware of multiple lines of sight, different routes of approach for different classes, etc…

We had a pretty straightforward map in Overgrowth that I’d say was more MOBA inspired, and now they can let the FPS part of this game share the front seat, so to speak.

Guess we’ll see how I like it once I actually get to play it.

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Some modding (moderating) here: Please talk about the map, not other members & players. As long the feedback is constructive and not hurting our simple guidelines its welcome here, no matter if its a complaint or a love letter.

Stay nice to each other


You can argue semantics till you’re blue in the face, but you might want to accept that criticism is always valid. What is not valid is meaningless grumbling. Had I done that I might agree with you. I still think those shutting people up are worse than those offering criticism.

Back doors that directly end at the enemy sentry, and are not easily guarded from the main lane, are not good for the game. A main lane that turns in to a field of fire, because it is towered over by a ledge protected from melee, is not good. A map that caters to sneaking about, jumping to ledges only certain heroes can access and sniping advantages is not good.

In my opinion.

It just needs toning down. They toned down Overgrowth due to criticism and then released this…a map that includes criticised mechanics in abundance.

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I can’t speak to the backdooring (a word that means different things to different people in the first place), because like I said, I’ve only seen it on stream; and you might be correct that the level will need some changes when all is said and done.

That being said, having a map where gameplay is truly different and you can’t just use the same straight-forward approach as Overgrowth (and Echelon) is a good thing in my book. Brings some much needed variety.

How many times have you actually played it? Every maps is confusing at first, but when you learn the layout, it’s not hard. I was in a 5 man premade, and we managed to shut down the enemy team, who was all DPS. After 5 rounds on each map, we memorized the majority of the layout.

This new map is great for melee characters, with all the twist and turns, pretty easy to escape, well sometimes. Anyway I went a game with Attikus and I got 11 kills and 0 deaths, got all kills from sneaking up on people from behind. Once the enemy is in the middle it’s pretty easy to go around the other way to attack. I also love how there is an opening on the ground where you can see the double thralls. Good way to keep an eye out on them.

I have no doubt I can learn the map easily enough, but it’s still a confusing layout. What attracted me to Battleborn was the simplicity of the game, the directness and the use of AI minions in a team shooter. Why bother with minions if you can easily sneak in the backdoor go straight to the objective?

I’ll come round. I thought I might get one or two agree with me, but I guess I’m looking for a different direction for BB than many.

Not that I’ll be disappearing, like some think I should. I’ll give it more of a chance.

Maybe you misunderstood what the game was about, though? Compared to other team shooters, Battleborn is far from simple. At least in my opinion.

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Wait a second, you can mod the forums? Where do I find these mods? I want one that makes everything an anime character, is there a mod for that?

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But it is simpler in my opinion. I always saw it as centered around the minions. Even Meltdown, which is the more complex mode, has a simple map layout and focuses on those minions.

Now we have a map that almost ignores that side of the game and becomes team sneak-about.

I don’t know what the OP is talking about the new map is awesome.

Getting tunnel vision on the minions and not keeping on the map so you know where the other players are is not good. If you’re letting the other team attack the sentry from behind then its your own teams fault.

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In meltdown you have to organize your team to protect your minions, destroy the other teeams minions, kill the other players, build defenses, sneak attack from behind and save your team mates from death. In CoD, you pull a trigger as yu turn corners. BB is complex, but easy to understand. It’s well made, and that’s why one may think it’s simple, but underneath it is full of advanced and complex gameplay. And Not everything is centered around minions ie. capture

Yeah, was not a fan of the map at first. After learning the area and possible routes, I’ve gotten used to it. Still prefer the new Meltdown map though.

A good thing to do is try a private match against 1 bot to get to know the layout before you see how teams act. Keep at it though and who knows maybe it’ll get pushed aside in a week or 2 like echelon

I absolutely like Monuments.
Taking down the first sentry might be easier with enough range DD’s, but the second one felt much harder to reach than in Overgrowth or Echelon.

While most criticism seems to revolve around sniper positions (and I get that, played as WF), I feel most people overlook the fact that such a complex layout also makes a good playground for melees and especially Skirmishers.

Overall, I must say I noticed that with more complexity in the map layout, the classes/roles seemed more defined. (Had a Caldarius and Benedict on one enemy team, their mobility is scary on this map.)

I dont understand why they didn’t learn from echelon. There is so much access to the sentry and its beyond frustrating and the reason why overgrowth will always be my favorite map since shooting the sentry isn’t a easy task. Monuments, you go straight ahead and move slightly to the left and there ya go, sentry right ahead of you.

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