Been away a few weeks - new incursion map is bloody awful

I have no doubt I can learn the map easily enough, but it’s still a confusing layout. What attracted me to Battleborn was the simplicity of the game, the directness and the use of AI minions in a team shooter. Why bother with minions if you can easily sneak in the backdoor go straight to the objective?

I’ll come round. I thought I might get one or two agree with me, but I guess I’m looking for a different direction for BB than many.

Not that I’ll be disappearing, like some think I should. I’ll give it more of a chance.

Maybe you misunderstood what the game was about, though? Compared to other team shooters, Battleborn is far from simple. At least in my opinion.

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Wait a second, you can mod the forums? Where do I find these mods? I want one that makes everything an anime character, is there a mod for that?

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But it is simpler in my opinion. I always saw it as centered around the minions. Even Meltdown, which is the more complex mode, has a simple map layout and focuses on those minions.

Now we have a map that almost ignores that side of the game and becomes team sneak-about.

I don’t know what the OP is talking about the new map is awesome.

Getting tunnel vision on the minions and not keeping on the map so you know where the other players are is not good. If you’re letting the other team attack the sentry from behind then its your own teams fault.

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In meltdown you have to organize your team to protect your minions, destroy the other teeams minions, kill the other players, build defenses, sneak attack from behind and save your team mates from death. In CoD, you pull a trigger as yu turn corners. BB is complex, but easy to understand. It’s well made, and that’s why one may think it’s simple, but underneath it is full of advanced and complex gameplay. And Not everything is centered around minions ie. capture

Yeah, was not a fan of the map at first. After learning the area and possible routes, I’ve gotten used to it. Still prefer the new Meltdown map though.

A good thing to do is try a private match against 1 bot to get to know the layout before you see how teams act. Keep at it though and who knows maybe it’ll get pushed aside in a week or 2 like echelon

I absolutely like Monuments.
Taking down the first sentry might be easier with enough range DD’s, but the second one felt much harder to reach than in Overgrowth or Echelon.

While most criticism seems to revolve around sniper positions (and I get that, played as WF), I feel most people overlook the fact that such a complex layout also makes a good playground for melees and especially Skirmishers.

Overall, I must say I noticed that with more complexity in the map layout, the classes/roles seemed more defined. (Had a Caldarius and Benedict on one enemy team, their mobility is scary on this map.)

I dont understand why they didn’t learn from echelon. There is so much access to the sentry and its beyond frustrating and the reason why overgrowth will always be my favorite map since shooting the sentry isn’t a easy task. Monuments, you go straight ahead and move slightly to the left and there ya go, sentry right ahead of you.

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I feel like gearbox is slowing teaching us to play higher level battleborn. Overgrowth was pretty much a straight line with no underground. Echelon was a straight line with a bridge. Now we have bridges, curves, underground, crazy ledges. It’s brilliant.


This is what I was trying to get at.
Mobile characters have room to move, assassins have room to sneak, snipers snipe, there are still team fights.

Overgrowth usefulness is basically “how good are you at 5v5s?”

Looking at it that way, there is a progression… now I want a map with jump pads! :laughing:

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That’s a great idea. Why not make so others can get to some of those places. Characters like Benedict still have an advantage by being able to take alternate routes.

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“There aren’t any jump pads here but I can throw you real far”- attikus to orendi

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No…Overgrowth’s usefulness is basically: “how well you can stay in the lane and go toe to toe…while jumping around like a maniac to avoid fire.” …It’s a fast twitch artist’s dream. Tactic’s? Strategy?

Not so much…

Not saying I don’t like Overgrowth…because I do. And I am being a tad facetious because there ARE some strategy and tactics things that can help on that map.

But they are limited:
Hold the middle ground
Keep the middle turret up
Get your health station to highest level and built quick.
Watch for backdoor
Harrass the crap out of the opposing sniper position
Kill opposing bots

Do all of that then it’s just a matter of team composition, teamwork and…

How fast you jump around like a maniac with ANY kind of accuracy…

as someone who plays the game as competitively as is offered thus far, tourneys, private matches, i am not a fan. there are several reasons for this. number one, a classic role in mobas is the builder. to not have accessible buildables in the main lane, you are taking a classic role out of the game. there is also no real deterrent to just chipping away at the sentry with basically no buildables or defenses to stop it. i literally just play oscar mike on this map and can slowly whittle down the sentry at level 3 from the main lane with basically nothing but players to stop me from doing it. Isic and marquis are even worse.

overgrowth has amazing thumpers, a very strategic and powerful shock turret in the middle of the map, etc. Monuments is the opposite of a competitive map in my opinion. For it to be competitive, there need to be defined strongholds like middle map, perch, tunnel… Too many places to shoot from and be shot from overcomplicates in a way that isnt necessarily strategic, but really just prone to cheap play

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It’s easy to understand, but it’s not simple. Not at all. Throw a CoD player into Overwatch, and they’ll do alright 2 minutes into the match. Throw a CoD player into BB, they’ll drag the whole team down until late game.

What is this “direction” though, out of curiosity?

More team on team competitive as opposed to players sneaking around or finding the safe route to a perch from which they can snipe.

@ihaveseasonpass put it brilliantly. I am by no means a highly skilled player, but I can see how Monument is ‘prone to cheap play’. In one match there was a Whiskey sitting on a ledge the whole time and in another Mike consistently took the cheap and easy backdoor to whittle down the sentry.

i pick oscar mike exclusively on that map. literally i get to level 3 and just whittle the sentry down very slowly from the middle of the map with nothing to stop me other than the other team, which i just ignore for the most part. if i get a few points of dmg on the sentry at level 3, you are losing very badly even if you kill me eventually. im just going to either heal or respawn and just do the same thing. heaven forbid i get to level 5 and just run up once i whittle the shield down and drop a napalm and airstrike on the thing, then just cloak and run away. no thumper, and too many places for me to shoot it from.

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