Been sitting in a lobby for almost 10 minutes

Still searching for a teammate to play a match. Nothing, either there is a problem with the servers or no one is playing this game on the west coast.

also I have a open NAT type so its not that.

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I’m not sure if the following happens to anyone else but it does to me at times. When I lose connection and then go back into the queue, I can not find anyone. It just keeps searching forever. I have to restart the game and then I find a match right away

I just restarted as well, still cant find anyone, 4 billion people on earth and it cant find a single match.

Isn’t it like 7 and a half billion though :sweat_smile: Ah thats even worse hahah.

What’s your region? I live in the US, and that’s where the majority of players seem to be…
Though I did meet an Aussie yesterday!

Today started out with the lowest player count I’ve seen yet, 274.
Right now it’s 445.

Is that on PC? What platform and region are you playing OP?

it’s done that to me.

yep, played with some Russian kid yesterday. Didn’t speak a lick of English. I also think I played with some Japanese kid. Also didn’t speak English. Everything he said on the mic sounded like he was super exciting, which was pretty funny.

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In the early hours I usually play with Japanese, but that’s cool because after I enlisted my trainers were from Hofu. :smile:

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I don’t tolerate waiting in the lobby for even 5 minutes and then just to find a queue with a party of 2. I don’t play 2 player story games, they are even more boring than solo.

Once I hit that 5 minutes, I just queue a private versus game. At least I’m playing, kinda, and get to lvl up my characters and get some credits. Lately, I don’t even bother queuing, fearing that I’m just going to find some low lvl team that will wipe at the first hurdle of any level.

150K credits and increasing everyday. Now I just want to see a loot pack discount event so I could finally burn that hefty cash sitting in my bank.


same here, and I feel it takes much longer recently to find a match than usual. Currently there are 600 playing, but it nearly takes 10 mins to find one match, I don’t know what’s ■■■■■■■ going on in this game

New to Battleborn, in the 2 weeks i play Battleborn there are no people found. PS4 Europe region. Very sad for a game wich is only 3 months old.

It wont get much better. Yesterday it was ernest’s release and it peaked at 664

It still amazes me how hard and how fast this game totally, absolutly, completly died

@Jythri anything to add or your gonna remain silent about the current situation like always?

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…I’ve got it spinning right now, not finding anyone. There are a few peeps on Discord.

Died maybe on PC, but not console. I still find matches within 5 minutes during non peak hours (when all the americans are asleep)

Same here on Xbox, im UK

consoles might not suffer from the same lengthy queues, but they definelty suffer from the same problem of ludicrous MM creating mostly washout games that plainly arent fun unless you enjoy stomping/being stomped.

Fast pops is one side of the coin. Enjoyable, balanced, fair games is the other.

Consoles may get heads constantly, but very rarely also tails
PC gets neither. Its only edges, all the time lol


I would say there are occasional mis-matches, but not mostly, but this is of course both of our personal opinions


I do apologize if I seem overly quiet, especially on this topic. Sometimes, I feel that I’ve answered many of these questions several times. I forget that not everyone gets to see everything.

Also, to be very honest, I’m usually far more prone to answer questions that don’t seem to be loaded with frustration. I’ve found that doing so doesn’t often result in happiness for anyone, especially the person asking the question and myself.

That said, I’ll give you a brief answer here, for what I can talk about.

There are a number of issues that we’re working on, and will include improvements to address in future patches. As seen, our current matchmaking solution is not especially good at dealing with low player counts. Not many games are, and we’re not exception. There are a number of community posts I’ve read that suggest solutions. I’ve commented on some of those. We’re working on some long-term and short-term solutions for the technical aspects of the matchmaking system. Short-term, we will likely be changing the queues again, hopefully ways which will accomodate players finding matches faster, and recognizing content that’s played more frequently. Longer-term, I hope to get some other solutions in place that will give us more flexibility with population swings and better ability to increase the quality of matches (closer to your skill level), but that’s not going to show up as soon as we’d like.

The bigger question, in my opinion, is how to attract and retain more players. We have to work on both. If we attract players, but do not retain them, we don’t solve any problems. So, we’re working on both. Some things I can mention here. Some things I’m not allowed to talk about yet.

Things I can talk about: New content. The Operations Missions ARE on their way. I think they’re pretty cool, and will give a new way to experience cooperative play and earn rewards. People who like our characters and story will get a pretty big dose of that. Players who like challenges, titles and loot will get that too. So, those are coming reasonably soon. I’m not allowed to be more specific than that, but that’s coming.

We released Ernest (our 3rd DLC character) and have Kid Ultra and another charaters we’ve announced. Each time we’ve released characters, we see some players return and some new players join. I expect the same bumps when we begin releasing the Operations.

More skins and taunts are on the way, too. I know there are some mixed feelings about those, but if you’re the type of player that appreciates them, I think there are some pretty cool ones on the way.

Two more PvP modes are nearing readiness and will show up this year. Draft mode character select will also land this year, and hopefully give our competitive community. We’re also working on some tweaking for Incursion and Meltdown, based on feedback from the community and what we’ve observed. I think those changes will be pretty exciting, but it’s a bit early to go into detail there yet.

We also have a new multiplayer tutorial in the works. Again, we’re trying to listen to the things that players had the most trouble with and create a new player introductory experience that does a better job of teaching new players basics of the game in a safer environment (versus bots). When we unleash that, we’ll almost certainly segregate newer players into their own matchmaking for a few levels to help them get their bearings before taking on the roving death squads.

And, of course, we’re still working on weekly patches and balance and smaller events (like the upcoming “Chaos Rumble” that goes live on Monday) which will hopefully underscore all of this to remind you guys that we’re watching, we’re monitoring and we’re caring about the current state of the game.

There are other things. A few bigger things and a number of smaller things, that will also show up. Again, hate to be a broken record here - but there not things I’m allowed to talk about at the moment. But I do think those changes and features will help address your concerns. It’s very frustrating to have to hold back on some of that information for me, and I’m sure just as frustrating for you to not get great answers to your questions. Some of that is also why I don’t answer every question asked to me. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps you a bit. I know that some people are looking for us to do very specific things. Some of those things I’ve heard are planned. Some are not. But, I think what we have in the works right now is very exciting for this fall and winter for Battleborn, and we’re working as fast as we can now to get those things in your hands.

Thanks for the question, and your patience.