'Been There' achievement bugged

Hi all, just finished my 3rd run through this with a 3rd character and the Been There achievement seems to be bugged.

1st attempt was with a high level character who’d already done the DLC on the 360 version and was imported over and as such the map was already totally revealed. No big deal I figured I’d have more luck with a character who hadn’t finished it so I loaded up my Zero character who still had many dark areas on the map but who had done some of the early missions in the DLC, map totally revealed no achievement.

So my OCD / stubbornness kicked in and I ran it a 3rd time with a character who had never set foot in the Hammerlock DLC, ran Gaige through it totally removing all the black areas from the map and checking off a listed of the named areas as I went, should add I even checked the semi hidden area with the easter egg in Scyallas Grove just in case that’s needed in all 3 attempts.

Disregard … I’m an idiot it seems I missed a tiny little section on Scyallas map on a dead end on the east of it #embarrassed

Is it a bug or did I just miss something really obvious?

If you had trawled through the old forum BL2 gameplay section, you would have found plenty of other people who had missed exactly the same tiny, obscure portion of the map. So don’t be #embarassed, be #partofthemajority !