Been Trying out Whiskey

So I’ve been looking through the threads and it seems like he’s pretty…meh of a character that people generally have no opinion on.

But over the past couple days i’ve been maining him after i tried main-ing Oscar Mike for a week.

From what i’ve seen in regards to his play, I’d agree he needs a damage buff, maybe .3x or .2x added to his current base.

I’d also like an assassin like skill, like maybe attacks to the back of an opponent are counted as criticals or something like that.

Buuuut, overall I like him, i’ve seen him being played here and there, but not many play him, probably because he’s kinda unimpressive at first glance and his lore is absurd

And I’m lvl 5 in character rank at the moment, and the mutations are actually pretty nice, kinda disappointing the first mutation line where you choose between speed/regen/reload for a kill doesn’t work on non player enemies in multiplayer and only single player.
But that triple grenade shot combined with the 2nd mutation’s napalm ability is very nice (hate how you have to be lvl 7 for it but hey its a pretty good skill that could potentially to a massive amount of damage)

I’m hoping his mutations will make it better as i keep going, but right now I like him but iffy about how competitive i can be with him.

Anyone have any tips for trying to main Whiskey?

His mutations make the character. Napalm, and lifegain on kill = amaaaazing.

He’s all about attack speed, reload speed, dmg/crit damage, and just keeping up the fire.

And always, always, always pay attention to your passive (The +%25 damage)
Unlike most characters who are still usable if you don’t pay attention to it, WF is crap if you don’t keep his passive juggled.

I love him, I could see him getting a slight buff in damage, but he has so much potential to just go crazy with too much of a buff.

I play him sometimes on my stream, he puts out a lot more damage than most people realize:

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Yeah, before the healing buff mutation i was rocking the damage boost and speed combo and running around destroying everything ;p
But then when i got the health mutation i just tanked everything in story mode XD

And yeah, i basically use the same gear for him i used for mike, reload speed, attack speed, and damage.
Whiskey is like the only character i’ve gotten a crit v other battle born in over 100 hours of game play…
I know because the “Get criticals on enemy battleborn” challenge popped up in a match telling me i had 8 total lol…

It’s a lot harder to juggle those passives in multiplayer though since minions dont count to them like they do in single player (Maybe the damage buff does? I’m unsure but know the others dont)

He’s interesting for sure, his character and skill set seems very contained to himself being one big weapon instead of having external abilities.

I do like his accuracy over Mike, I’m pretty sure he keeps said accuracy in his ult, so I can defiantly see how Whiskey is a force to be reckoned with if used right

I hope his next mutations are awesome as well, look forward to playing a lot of him in the upcoming days =3=

I hate using him a good 40% of the time since I play solo and going for those Mike kills, but if I have a small team then I feel a little better. I wouldn’t classify him as “easy” and “assassin,” but “complex” and “skirmisher.” Against a Mike solely on gun skills, Whiskey Foxtrot wins, but add in minions, turrets, and his cloak along with his teammates, Oscar Mike has the edge. He’s a fun character to use when things go in your favor, but he does have a high skill ceiling and bad early game.

minions kills do activate his passive. so do big crytals ghalt’s traps kleese shield rift things, turrets, healing stations. to keep the passive active all you gotta do is put a couple of shots in to a few minions and let your teammates finish the minions. especially when you hit lvl 6 and get his napalm just drop a grenade and the minions will die eventually. after i drops grenades on some minions i immediately start looking for enemy players cuz the passive will activate soon.

me personally i got with
crit damage + extra crit damage (because its is super easy to get crits with WF especially with the passive active) (and the bonus attack damage from gear)
attack damage ( something cheap so i can activate as soon as the match starts)
bonus shards ( so i can constantly build things so i can lvl up pretty fast cuz its kinda hard to get kills with WF against certain characters)
after i unlocked WF legendary i replaced the crit gear with his legendary item

WF is powerful once you learn how to use him, he doesnt need a buff cuz his animations neet to be reworked in my opinion

I feel like his animations are the things that screw me over the most. If they add a reticle for scrap cannon and have it fire instantly with scrap bank, along with reducing some animations (looking at you overdrive) I feel a lot of normal players problems would be reduced. Though, being able to hold the trigger to just fire the bursts would also be appreciated.