Been waiting about 20 minutes in queue whats wrong with this game?

As the topic title states, I’ve been waiting in queue for meltdown on PC for about 20 minutes, and I’m still waiting. What is wrong with this game? Will the playbase rise at all?

Most likely your region or a bug. You can change your steam download region to a more populated location/server to get faster queue times. My queue isn’t taking much longer than 30 seconds - 1 minute.

Had the same problem. Change the region and it’ll be good to go.

Have you quit and re-entered the queue? I get matches constantly,one after another and I never wait more than one minute. I live in Poland(and have the download region set there) and I tend to play up to 4-6 AM,and even at such hours I don’t have to wait more than two minutes to get into a match. If I don’t get players after a minute or two I just re-enter the queue and it works again.

if that doesn’t work then like mentioned above- change the download region and it should be fine.