Been waiting for a patch to improve UI for a while

Is there an ETA? I put playing the game on hold a while ago, waiting for an update.

When was the last time you played exactly? I know a while back they did put out an initial UI patch with finer scaling and where you could change the size of the build/research meny including a bunch of smaller changes like better docked ships UI.

I know there has been additional changes but I’m assuming that those changes will be included in the next big patch maybe? If you want to ask a Dev directly, you can use the @ command. This way they don’t have to sift through dozens of forum posts and can spend more time working on patches (yey us!).

A good while ago. But I checked the Steam update news and the last update was March 23, for some Russian language messaging crash. The previous UI patch just started things with the UI, but really didn’t change any the issues I had with it, all of which I listed in this thread:

From general forum rumblings I think were due a sizable patch and multiplayer mod pretty soon. I’m faily sure the UI will see some more love when this patch comes in. For instance this random image posted recently suggest there are graphical upgrades coming our way.

this was dated 4 days ago. plus A support ticket I placed concerning the UI and certain screen resolutions received a response saying the issue was known of and currently being addressed. So nothing definitive, but certainly room for a little optimism that UI changes are still in motion behind the scenes at least.

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