Beer Bottle Cap Bar Top

What is up fellow Gearbox fanboys/girls (don’t want to leave anyone out)

It’s been awhile since I’ve meandered over yonder to said GBX forums, And I must say I kind of miss the fun community on these forums.

However no matter how big of a borderlands fanboy I am I haven’t been playing it much so I really don’t have much to say anymore about the games on the forums.

At any rate!! I’ve been a part of these forums for a few years now and like I said I love the community, I really like showing you guys the projects I’m working on and things of that nature because I usually get nice and positive feedback on them and It makes me feel pretty good and gives me more motivation to keep doing it.

So with that said I wanted to show you guys a bar top I made for a buddy of mine that is in law enforcement he just bought a new house and is getting married soon so I wanted to make him a present, He has been slowly making his own bar in the basement and has yet to put a top on it. So I made him one out of bottle caps.

This is the third one of these bar tops I have made I made to for my dad a while back.
I don’t have any pictures really but I made a video on my YouTube and just wanted to share it for anyone who would be interested in this kind of a thang!!

Thanks to all you guys that have made this forums board so fun to be a part of and I hope I can visit it more often again.
Hope you all enjoy the video.



/making body valid because Discourse is a jerk

DUDE! That was :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: awesome! I’ve always LOVED those bottle cap tables I see in bars (rarely). You did a Badass job on that. (My phone just auto-capped Badass…)
The time-lapse was fun. My daughter (5) enjoyed watching it and the Tetris tune along with it.

Thanks Kitty thanks Krewlrain Glad you guys liked it.
I have been wanting to make a timelapse video of something for years now. Finally found a program to do it with.
I’m Pretty happy with how it turned out both the bar top and video.

PS. Kitty isn’t BADASS always supposed to be auto-capped?

I used to like you. Now not so much. I am not nerd. You have smallNintendo collection. And that was bad design. I have better caps from bottle and you need more better beer. Bye. Oh acrylic> hot glue gun glue which is for the ladies.

Thank you for your input.
Im glad you at least used to like me. I have no idea who you are.
But I digress.
Hot glue is not for ladies it is for crafts.
Also i buy a lot of very expensive and good beers but this being the thierd top i made like this gets a bit to expensive.
Again thank you for your input. I forgot i even posted this thread.
Good day sir.

You are a good man. Thank you for know not who I am. I am just a little guy.

You misspelled third and too. It would have been funny if you spelled it two.

And just so you know crafts are for ladies. It is known. Also, you are welcome.

I said good day sir.

Thanks! So now that it’s a new day can you provide more well wishes?

How long did it take to make your craft?

Four days.

Wow. That’s a lot. Is that like 4 days as in 32 hours or 96 hours?

I started it four days later it was done. Didn’t keep track of hours.

Im not sure if or how i affended you to make you no longer like me. But my phone goes off everytime you respond and i would like some sleep.
So if you are trying to “troll” me i can assure after the worst two years of my life it will take at to get to me and i dont think you have what it going to take. Sorry.

At any rate Ithank you for your replies though i still dont know how to take them. If you are actually interested in talking about the bartop great and i will answer any question you may have.

But if you are fishing for things to try and insalt me as in your first post. Do us both a favor and give it a rest. That kind of back and forth childish stuff is far to pointless.

Good night.

I’m sorry my friend. You not offend me.

I won’t make your phone go off again, unless you want me to respond. I too want some sleep. I must awaken early tomorrow.

I am not trolling, I actually read that post about your life and feel bad, this was a bad time to tell how I felt, so I’m sorry for that. I was just saying my feelings in response to your post. We should chat some day after we rest.

Good night.