Before they sell us a 4th skilltree

pls fix the trees that are here already,
it is not a cool thing to have broken COMs and skilltrees that barely work with alot of the COMs, and then trying to sell the fix
other game companies do indeed fix their ■■■■ before trying to ship the next skilltree.

many trees have issues, most COMs are useless with what we have right now, and no 4th skilltree will save them
zane has some that could work with a shieldless skilltree maybe, where you need to deplete ur ■■■■
but why not make that com trigger shield break effects on AsA? or something

binary system could need work with its COM
the drone reset should reset the bombardment augment and maybe even buff it

we all know seeing dead needs to be swapped, the COM can keep +25% power, fl4k has the same COM

i rly think that is a must before they should even try to sell the new trees

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