Before you complain about matchmaking

Actually consider what YOU are doing wrong to make you lose.

The matchmaking isn’t perfect, but the majority of matches I’ve had have been fun even when I haven’t had the chance to win - why, you might ask?
I treat my team with respect. Even with randoms, I can have mature conversations or light chatter when there’s time, but If you start spewing crap about the games matchmaking being bad, the game being bad, your teammates being bad you can be 100% sure that no one on your team wants to give you a win to your stats.
If you go to meltdown not helping your team, only focusing on KDA and the score, trash talking anyone who doesn’t, you’ll never win. You’d certainly have more chance of winning if you’d stop putting your team down and play properly!

And if you can’t stand randoms on your team that might not reach your expectations of what a good player is, please find yourself a premade team and save everyone else the trouble of having to stand your behavior.

Sorry if this text is harsh, but the amount of players I encounter who do nothing but berate their fellow players is getting out of hand… I get frustrated at other players too, but I gain absolutely nothing from being mean to them. I can try to give advice, if it is not heard, well, that’s tough luck. That’s the risk you take when playing with randoms. I know encountering mean people is also a risk I take but…

At least try to be nice, please?


Agreed; I enjoy the game and even while losing will not lash out at my team because sometimes you lose. Sometimes the other guys are better, and just using matchmaking as a scapegoat is a cop out for trying imo.

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So If I’m nice to my team I’ll get better matchmaking and more balanced match ?
Wow you’re a genius :smiley:

No, this is not what I said.

Being nice accumulates kindness shards that can be redeemed for decent teammates :joy:

Jk lol, but on a serious note I’ve given friendly advice that turned the team scrub decent.

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Sorry but there is a huge issue with matchmaking there may be an elo system but its variance is gigantic. With a 65+ percent win rate over 200 games there is no reason I should ever get a level 10-15 on my team. They simply have not played enough games to have an elo near mine.

I see tons of players that have no clue what there doing even when they are level 50. Whatever elo they have in place is disregarded and you are just matched.

People might be doing things wrong but you can’t have 5 man premades thrown up against 5 random people where 3 of those players are like lvl 10-15 and have almost no clue whats going on.

Elo hell doesn’t exist in league but that’s because you get qued with 9 other people at your elo. In this game they are throwing in anyone they can find.

Yeah, I honestly mute everyone when I start because so many people complain non-stop. I know by muting Mic I’m limiting my ability to communicate but communication is soured by all of the bad manners.

Maybe they should have included some fine print with this game:

“No arena of fans, trophy, and giant novelty check included”

You aren’t professional players, you are couch potatoes… Have fun!

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We actually actually had some great matchmaking last night, team vs team almost every time. I also had green ping for the first time. It’s getting better! :smiley:


Matchmaking isn’t so bad when I am solo queue-ing.

Matchmaking is much worse when I splitscreen. I think when you duo queue you are more likely to be placed with other duo queues, which may not be splitscreen possibly. Thus, I think this issue is more for technical limitations of the screen.

This topic was directed purely towards people with bad attitudes. I am not saying matchmaking does not have issues.

But it’s also certainly getting better! Have faith, these are things that just can’t be resolved in so little time. Matchmaking, balancing, bug fixing etc take time.

First decent matchmaking since release last night, and green bar YAY! If you party with Aussies you get matched with others quite a lot and GREEN BAR! But when partied with UK or US players like we usually are or running solo you’ll almost always get red bar :frowning:

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There are always going to be new players, I would rather get a new player than have a 20 min que. teach the newbies. And the level 50’s who “don’t know how to play”, ever change consider they are trying a new toon? I tried a few new toons in PVP and it takes time to adjust how you approach the game. Chill out, have fun. If you want more competition, get organized, START SOMETHING. I have seen a couple posts on this forum of people looking to form teams and tournaments. As more people play, the ELO should get better.

This. I’m really good as Thorn but I absolutely suck with ISIC lol but I like ISIC so I play him anyway.

I completely agree, not even had any particular bad experiences so far with matchmaking, except when steam download region was randomly set to South Korea and I got no pops. The matches have always been fun to some degree and I honestly don’t know what people are complaining about at this point.

While the level difference is pretty big sometimes, level is only an indication of experience at best. I was in a five man premade and we got stomped by a full group of randoms below level 15 in capture once. I didn’t really care, and neither did my friends, it was just funny.

Seems the main complaint is long wait times on PC, I would hate 20 min que’s. I play on Xbox and never had to wait more than a couple of min for a match. I’m no game genius but it seems the PC crowd needs more of a competitive scene to gain more players. Hopefully that will come in time.

I agree with you 100%. On capture I was just miko like an hour ago. We were getting demolished by KDR standards but we won 1000-8xx
I would heal a few teammates here and there and when 2-3 enemies focused on me we did laps around the map before I would inevitably be CC’d and killed but guess what… My guys took all 3 points that way, several times. I believe the gali on the other team was 17-0 hahahaha.
There’s no team death match yet people. Be a team player and you’ll likely win. We were against a 3 man premade with 2 rands and we were all rands. They were significantly higher level. COMMUNICATE. Or atleast use the damn ping thing to alert teammates where you’re going.