Begin characters not unlockable

Excuse me if I missed a thread somewhere going over this subject but I couldn’t find one anywhere.

Recently I played a game and became friends with someone. Today he said he had a problem with his character unlocks.

To summarise: He is unable to play the characters you unlock after the prologe.
He only had the option to select random which always gave him Oscar Mike. He unlocked other characters like Reyna and Shayne and Aurox though through challenges.

I thought he had to redo the prologe because there might’ve been an error with this result:

Cobra: prologue mission complete :smiley:
Welel: did it work?
Cobra: I have a video now
Cobra: I try to wait till the end
Welel: ah ok you should see a menu similar to when you finish a match
Welel: After the video
Cobra: so
Cobra: got the screen
Cobra: I have results, challenges, statistics and accomplishments tabs too
Welel: Hmm you probably should got them unlocked now
Cobra: but it didn’t indicate me yet I have some unlcoked heroe or not
Welel: Maybe try and start a private versus to see if you have them now
Cobra: no
Cobra: it didn’t work

I am out of ideas and was hoping you guys could help

Thanks in advance and sorry if I posted this wrong

Best thing would be to file a official suport ticket, these guys should be able to help your friend