Beginner Tips Menagerie

Hey guys,

You probably don’t know me as I’m normally hanging around the Borderlands forums.

I created this thread as I picked the game up last night and after 2 sweet victories I got my arse handed to me, and would like to put together a list of “beginner tips” for everyone to use, maybe a list akin to @Giuvito’s UVHM Character Survival Guides.

I’ll start off with the immediate things.

  1. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just run in. This may be similar to Borderlands, but don’t play it as such. You. Will. Die. Take the time to assess the current situation(s) and what characters are in these situation(s).

  2. Build, build, build. This is fairly important, as it speeds up your levelling process. Which also allows you to keep up with the enemies and other players.

  3. DOTS can be useful. I was in a game with a Melka(? Is that how you spell it?) and I got killed at least 3 times by her DOT skill.

  4. Play the objectives, as you can rack up a good amount of XP, always useful.

  5. Watch the enemy levels. Do not attempt to attack them if you are underlevelled as you don’t have your Ultimate, whereas if they’ve reached lvl5, they will.

  6. Watch what classes your enemies are using. There’s no point chasing after a fast character if you’re using a slow character, as well as trying to take out a sniper class with a melee class, or vice versa.

  7. Use Boldur. Or Oscar Mike if you want a more familiar playstyle. Personally I use OM as he feels very much like a Zero.

Feel free to add your own and I’ll update the list.

  1. play the objectives (kill the minion, defend the points…). It will give you tons of xp.

  2. watch your opponent’s level. If you’re underleveled, don’t fight alone against him. Especially not if your opponent has reached level 5 and you’ve not, because he’ll have his ultimate available, and you don’t have it.

  1. Pick your fights its no good having a close range fight as a sniper against a melee character.
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  1. Play Boldur

Yeah then i can get my lore part unlocked :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Don’t shoot at ISIC’s wards past level 2.

  2. Focus Miko.

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OP updated.

I will add more as I play and as you guys post.

For now, back to work.

8 Make sure you add equipment to your loadout after you hit rank 3

  1. Towards the end of a match when respawn timers are much higher if you get low on health teleport back to base. If you do this your out ofthe fight for alot less time then compared to if you die have to wait for the respwn timer then get back into the fight.
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Mostly this in general. And as an add-on. Just because your shield regenerated, doesn’t mean you’re “good to fight”. I’ve seen so many times, someone barely win a fight. Have safety and time to retreat, only to face-check the enemy with full shields and immediately die.


Can someone breakdown all the things that generate experience in Incursion? Obviously killing things gives experience, and I’ve also seen that capturing mercs gives experience. What else? I ask this question because some characters have trouble getting kills, especially in the early game, and I’m trying to figure out how they don’t get left behind in leveling.

Also, what counts as an Assist? Do you have to actually damage the enemy hero, or can it be gained from any contribution to the battle? For example, if Miko is healing someone who ends up damaging a hero that is killed, does that count as an assist? What about Boldur tanking with his shield while friendlies take down an overly aggressive assassin?

Thanks for the help.

This should be done throughout the match, not just at the end. Hero kills are one of the fastest ways for the enemy heroes to level up, and you should be denying them at every opportunity.

I actually think this is one of THE most important things that new players do not do that they should. Spending the 15-20 seconds to teleport to base, heal, and come back to the fight is immensely valuable to your team by denying the enemy easy XP. Treat the game like you only have one life left and no continues. It will serve you well…

How do you teleport back to base? It does not say anywhere how to do that AFAIK.

On Xbox One it is down on the directional pad. I assume the same on PS4. I have no idea how it is done on PC.

On Xbox One it is down on the directional pad. I assume the same on PS4. I have no idea how it is done on PC.

For PC it is the “b” key to teleport back to base. :slight_smile: