Begone Big-headed Freaks!

Headed to Villa…something doesn’t look right…

I have never used the big head modifier even once! This is what I’m using:

Make it stop! Also, save quitting fixed it.

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I seen this once when I went there with a friend. We also weren’t using Big Head, not sure if it’s supposed to do that or not.

My worst nightmare has finally become true… they are invading our game!! :sob:

That’s just what the Purputrators normally look like.
Don’t be so mean!

That’s a unique gang for some reason save quitti g switches the gangs.

The default gang is with the stupid liger dogbots or whatever

Easiest gang is the meat ppl and chefs. All red bars

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Wait are you saying that wasn’t the big head modifier? o.O

No that’s just the Purpurtrator group. Every enemy is tiny with big heads. You can tell its not the mod by the naming convention (everything is Puny, Wee, or a Tink). It’s the only group that has Jabber enemies as well.


I see. I was not aware of that. So what is the difference between them and the big head modifier? It looks the same or similar. Also, it looks stupid.

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Well, the player character isn’t affected by it, while they are with the modifier is on. I think the bosses are normal as well but it’s been awhile since I’ve rolled this gang during a cartel run.

Its all midget and tiny monkeys
I keep forgetting to check their corpses but well thr loots usually not scaled anyways. Jabbbers can have loot packs i think