Being Supportive ive-What would you have done?

Ill warn you this is a bit of a long story but I’d value your input So last night I played a very fun round of meltdown that ended in our team losing 392 – 500
my team mates were reyna lvl100, ghalt lvl 100, galilie lvl 62 and Montanalvl2 and me as ambra LVL 43, I generally main Ambra when “nobody picks a support,” ps. I’m not salty I really like her. my gear loadout is 0 cost shard, EPIC +14.5% heal power +3.5% damage reduction heal pack and her legendary.

opposing team is Reyna, Montana, Pendels, Thorn, ghalt all lvl 100 command rank level so we knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game.

so on paradise me and ghalt go right side, reyna goes mid and other 2 go left and its going not bad we take the lead around 192-154 but from there slowly the game becomes 4v4 on right side and with everyone working together crushing our 4v4 matchup but little command rank 2 montana and their Pendels just eating him alive over and over and over.

I finally die (level8 already with all gear unlocked) for the first time as the game goes to about 215us-265them and as im running up I see Montana getting handled he signals for help I make it in time to see him get ripped apart AGAIN and pendels who is level 10 from farming Montana cuts me down with the help of the turret in the lane. While I’m waiting for respawn I see all the rest of my team get cut down without me there in 3v4 (maybe 3V5 not sure if Pendels slipped over too or not) I feel terrible and go back to right side with the other 3 only slipping over during brief respites to drop sunspots and such and we end the game 392-500 I was 9K/3D/19A my 63,000dmg done (hightest on our team was 69,000 by gali) healing was 89,000 I think? So I would consider it a decent game performance. Then I look at Montana 0k/19d/1a. level doesn’t mean that much IMHO but command rank 2 means this had to be his second game im 100% sure and while I handed 100s their butts with the rest of the team he was just lost and I LET him die like that.

question, I don’t mine loosing and I want to support my team in the best way possible but I need to know your opinions, should I have TRIED to help him even though he clearly didn’t know the game that well (read “possibly at all”) What would you have done?

No, you did the right thing. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” -Orendi, i think…

Why should you AND three other players sacrifice your own enjoyment for 1 player who didn’t do the ONE thing you are supposed to in a team-based game (stick together)?


In this case, I think it was more important to usher him around. You’ll remember your first game. One bad match at rank 50 won’t do much. But if he had one good match at the very start, with someone watching him? That would’ve helped a lot. Especially if you knew you’d already be losing either way. Why not make it easier for the person it counts the most for?

Well, in Meltdown you can’t really “stick together” fully. Two lanes. Disregard one, and you’re gonna lose. If you have all 5 guys working one lane, the other team can afford the incremental losses of putting 4 guys there while another part of their team just scores BANK off of the other lane.

To an extent, I blame the Montana. I mean, he no doubt did not know what he was doing, but he should have figured after one of these 19 deaths, “hey, maybe I should stick with at least one ally?” so @HandsomeCam is right in that regard.

It sounds to me like you did your best to win the match, so I think you’re ok. Sometimes a classic feeder is just doom, especially if they don’t understand the impact of their repeated deaths or just get “on tilt” and keep fighting losing battles.

Classic example (also involving a bad Montana): I had an Incursion in Monuments a little while back where we had a Monty that ended 1 kill, 2 assists, and 22 deaths. WITH ONLY 13 MINION KILLS. I think very few builds of minions, turrets, thralls, etc. I have NO CLUE what this guy was doing all match. And it was a 70’s CR player. I was pretty upset. We also had a Phoebe with 2 kills and 16 deaths and an anemic minion kill count. All I can figure is that these guys got on tilt HARD at being killed and just kept butting their heads against that wall. Or they were in cahoots with the foes, but since this was a PUG match and no Lore repercussions I was aware of (unless Monty was just trying to get to 1M damage), it seems unlikely.

Now, this match DID feature some very skilled opponents playing lethal assassin-type BB. There was a Deande, a Phoebe and a Benedict who all racked massive kill totals at these guy’s expenses, and I know they were good because they got MY number, too. Point is: if you’re getting rocked facing the players, DO SOMETHING ELSE! Wave-clear, farm and build, just DON’T KEEP GOING BACK TO LOSING FIGHTS!

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I would have refered him to the training materials and closed the ticket.

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This was what I was worried about basically, I didn’t want to spur anyone first impressions and “technically” if you completed the tutorial you “can” drop straight into multi-player but that having been said I’m shocked that “anyone” would although the more I think about it it might have been his very first game, anyone know if you get CR exp from the tutorial mission? Reyna was with him when we split my assumption is he walked into death a few times to many and she got tired babysitting

When she say that

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It was a joke, on account of her being batshit crazy, and never having anything of purport to say.

There was nothing you could have done.

If he’s level 2 he literally just finished the prologue and dove into PvP for the first time with no gear and no idea what’s going on.

Best you could have done was message after the game or try to get him into chat to explain the game’s nuances to him.


So she never said that, it would be funny hearing her say something so philosophical

I’m assuming you’re already level 12, but as Ambra, you seem like you were the best person to watch over him. A healer for a tank, and the best counter for what he was fighting (Pendles). I’d say in this case, it may have been better to watch over him like you would a newborn child, cuz he might as well have been lol (I don’t see how anyone new could know what to do with Pendles. For veterans you can spot him or just play counters, but he doesn’t have either of these benefits.)

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That may have been a good idea. Ambra is pretty mobile and can switch lanes and stick down a sunspot to help the other lane and then go back to help out. Montana is slow so even if collecting shards and building turrets he can be vulnerable without support.

I can see why the OP would be conflicted about the situation but it probably would have been better to bring Montana over to the rest of your team and ask somebody more mobile to keep an eye on the other lane, but that is said with hindsight to be fair.


I just got too level 11 with Ambra last night(cmr 43), I cant find the game where my question was from but here are a few screen shots from last night, i would like to reiterate I think level is a poor gauge of skill. in this match Reyna, Gali and Whiskey were all 100 on my team (reyna d/c when we were down like 20 points) and rath, ghalt and miko were level 100’s on there team i believe ( we each had 3 ) in this game I was able to solo a lane and dive over to gelp my team by droping some really crucial well timed sunspots then zip back to my lane & still score decent points all the while we were 4v5 but clearly this was very different then a full 5 man 100 groupchat team.

Wow, your Mellka seemed a bit… off. But I don’t think levels matter much either, it’s just at level 12 that Ambra gets Stellar Ritual. It allows her to heal entire groups and attack entire minion waves for long lengths of time. It makes her a significantly stronger healer, and increases her damage by a lot too to boot.

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I am really excited to get that skill!

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She’s one of my favorite characters because at first she’s limited, but then her mutations make her a melee killing, long range sieging, group healing machine!