Being thankful in a thankless world

I just read a short article on Gampspot about Battleborn under performing; this is really sad. I’m a casual player, but I’ve almost put 300 hours into Battleborn. I’ve invested more time and money into this game then any other in the last 25 years I’ve been playing. I don’t normally write much, but I wanted to say thanks to Gearbox for continuing to support the game and all the people that are still playing. I’ve met some cool people online and can only hope that this game may catch traction moving forward. I’m excited for Borderlands 3, but I hope someday to see another Battleborn. P.S here’s the article that I read earlier today.


Well stated. I’ve bought every Gbox title and have nearly 800 hours into BB.

Salute to the Gbox team!


I’m only at around 150 because I have only short periods of free time, but it’s an amazing game. Highly underrated.

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Unfortunately, gaming media is only contributing to the lack of success suffered by Battleborn. Many people read reviews written by critics that are based on their own personal opinions (or whoever paid them enough to write a good/bad review) and use those reviews as a basis for their pseudo-opinions without ever playing said game.

It was, after all, gaming media like gamespot and IGN who started the bullsh*t war between Battleborn and Overwatch which ultimately had a negative impact on Battleborn’s initial sales, naturally the bigger title was over-exposed (like Blizzard needs any more exposure) and that combined with Blizzard’s more experienced (and more heavily financed) marketing team led to, well, this. It’s a damn shame, screw you gaming media and well done to Gearbox on such a refined and unique game!


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I also think GBX has done a great job.

They delivered interesting characters and humorous dialogue IN SPADES. Just like Borderlands, that’s what defines them from the million other games out there, and what has made me a fan.

As for balancing a game this big and diverse, well, it’s like herding cats, or bailing water on a boat with a hole in it. There’s a million minds working to break the system, and maybe a dozen (maybe?) working to keep it running in a fair way. I think they’ve done good work in balancing the game. I don’t agree with EVERY change they’ve made, but they’ve also shown a willingness to backtrack when they themselves didn’t adequately anticipate impact of changes.

They know the game, but they know they don’t know everything, and that’s wisdom.



It’s a lot closer to 60.

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Still, the developers/designers/balance team is dramatically outnumbered by the players looking for the exploits.

It’s really saddening to see this game not doing so well. I’ve tried to convince so many of my friends to play, but their default thought process is ‘Isn’t is basically the same thing as Overwatch’, immediately followed by me blocking them on every media platform. I was so excited for this game, and it’s just as fun as I was expecting it to be. Even when I’m irritated by little things like Caldarius having 48 and 1/2 ways to escape death, I’m still smiling.


[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:8, topic:1543498, full:true”]It’s a lot closer to 60.

Of the 80 people currently working on BB (I believe), I highly doubt that 60 of them are doing character design work. I would actually guess that the number of people focusing on character balance is closer to C-4’s guess: 10-12.

I was saying there is about 60 people working on Battleborn right now, give or take. And that’s not counting the QA guys as they can be moved from project to project without too much trouble. One of the developers said this in a stream today after being asked how many people at Gearbox are working on Battleborn right now. The number was much greater during development. I’m not sure how many of these people are working on character balance. I know who their lead is but not much more than that.

I guess I was just being a bit lazy and didn’t want to type this all out at the time as I was in the middle of something and just checking the forum every now and again between the periods where I had to focus on what I was doing.

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[quote=“Kaleidodemon, post:12, topic:1543498, full:true”]The number was much greater during development.

That’s pretty much standard practice, though. It takes a lot fewer people to do continuing development for a game than it does to make the game itself (especially expensive people like engineers and programmers).

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agreed I’m over 260 or so. Blizzard paid off review sites.
end rant

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400+ hours here, BB is awesome. Best game I’ve played all year and of recent memory.

Haven’t looked near overwatch, even despite it being in my cereal in the morning.


Love Gearbox.

Battleborn has found its way deep into my heart and soul.

Borderlands is my favourite game series of all time.

They make brilliant, beautiful games.



When I first played borderlands I sunk hours and hours into it playing several different characters(tho brick was my go to) borderlands 2 came out and I sunk even more hours into that game.

When I heard that battleborn was coming out I new that I was getting the game. I picked it up and realized it was not a borderlands type game and more conditioned towards a moba, a game type I have probably played before a max of 6 hours. This game wasn’t exactly what I thought it was when picking it up(I didn’t really have any idea on what it was) but I absolutely love this game even for whatever faults or gripes I may have with it.

Keep doing you gearbox. I think we all love you for it. I know I plan on picking up pretty much anything you guys crank out

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I was a big Blizzard fan for the longest time. Loved WoW and diablo. I never followed developers except for Blizzard. When one of my friends showed me the open beta for Battleborn, I never looked back at Blizzard. I looked at the requirements for Battleborn and Overwatch. As soon as i saw them both i put Overwatch back on the shelf and told Battleborn “your my new friend.” After playing Battleborn for a while i went and got the Handsome collection. Ill admit i haven’t gotten very far into it due to always going back to Battleborn.



I enjoy this game so much that on day 1 I purchased the season pass. Every time an update comes out with new taunts and skins I purchased them as well. I also have few battleborn shirts and bought a good friend at work the game to show him how fun it is.
TLDR; Huge Fan

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Dude that is serious battleborn love going on there.

I do really enjoy this game, but I just don’t have the time to game as I use to, so I haven’t invested anywhere near that sort of cash.

But that is the case all over, been drooling over No Mans Sky, but now its released, I decided meh ill never get time to play it anyway.

So Battleborn is literally my only game at the mo that I play, but I am thankful for this game and Gearbox in general.