Being the better community

This post isn’t so much about the Battleborn game, but more about us, the Battleborn community. It’s no surprise that we are not the popular game. We need to present the game community better and try to draw people to the game and help them learn.

I was on the Overwatch metacritic and I saw this ->

These kind of things make us look bad and will not help grow the community at all. Please don’t do these kinds of things.


"This game is dying, buy it!"
That is the most ineffective sales preach I’ve ever heard.
Well, maybe after “Buy this thing. In case of death or serious injury, contact your doctor immediately”


Its not like Overwatch doesn’t have its own bad apples either. Their forums are a real mess right now.


Oh I know, I’m also on the Overwatch forums a lot. That’s why the title is “Being the better community”.


Oi… I red that post and… Yeah thats exactly what we should NOT do.

Its weird how people say “I´m GBX-fan, Blizzard-fanbois suck because they are so stupid/ hostile” while being just the same state of hostile and shortsighted :frowning:

Stop the mutual hating - Have some Orendi icecream! :heart:


Worst sales pitch ever.


Those look good.

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Man I’d really like some Orendi ice cream!

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Are you…sure that’s ice cream?

It looks more like a sponge of some sort.


Hehe thanks, this is how we celebrated the launchday! :smile:

I try to promote Battleborn in regards of fanart. (Luckily I´ve over 3k followers on deviantArt + 7k on my Etsy-shop, so it gets some attention.)
I think fanart is one of GBX biggest powers, I hope there´ll be as much amazing fanlove as in BL1 and BL2-times.


lol thats due to my…ehh…catasrophic skills to arrange food! Its mango-sorbet on vanilla icecream with dark chocolate sauce. The hats are handsculpted by me from sugarpaste^^

I can guarantee: It tasted like icecream!


Lmao tru. Though maybe just sorbet :stuck_out_tongue:

Also: I don´t see how people can say OW (or any other game) is bad if they have´nt played it. I don´t have any idea of OW, just saw some characters. Therefore I keep my mouth shot regarding its qualities or the lack of same…
Its like “I hate Hawaii, it stinks” - “have you been there yet?” - “Hell no!!!” just strange…

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lol, I just keep enjoying all my free Imgur downvotes for my Battleborn GIFs.

thats mean o.o I really like them so far!

(could explain why I lost 400 followers on deviantART the last weeks…to much BB-love…)

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haha, they have like 2k views, and nothing but downvotes and an occasional “this game is ugly” or “OW is better” comment…

But once in a while they snag someone wondering about the game!

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As long as you get some interested in the game, it works.

I was just in the Paragon forums (Wanted the free beta weekend) and it seems that their community is also comparing Paragon to overwatch. It seems that both communities(Battleborn and Paragon) are concern that overwatch will cause their playerbase to die out.

The funny part is I see Paragon and BB being closer competition…

The real problem with OW is that for some reason it’s full of tons of players who think it’s the second coming of Jesus, and that anything else right now is Satan.

They bash everything that isn’t OW. I mean, the game wasn’t horrible by any means, and I’m sure I’ll pick it up once it drops in price a bit on consoles, but it’s not this amaze-balls experience they keep touting it as by any means.


I hate to be this guy but there are times where I prefer to be in a game where it’s more fast paced and chaotic and sadly Battleborn just isn’t that.

I love Battleborn and I love Overwatch the problem being what I feel like playing more.

This game was seen as just another MOBA copy or a “cheap Overwatch” and to be frank what MOBA player was going to drop down from LoL or DOTA which are very popular to play a game nobody heard about?

With CoD games selling millions of copies on release it only makes sense that people are more attracted to the fast paced low time to kill competitive games.

I wouldn’t call it bashing as more I would call it the same thing as saying this game is good. Why can people show up and praise this game and be met with likes and friendly discussion but one person comes to say they prefer Overwatch over this game after playing it be met like they are Satan as well?