Being unable to complete a mission due to 'inactive' players

So, I am currently on The Voids Edge mission with 4 other random players online. One of these players is AFK but is spinning round in circles and has been doing so for the whole mission meaning they don’t get kicked for inactivity. Now this is a problem as we need all 4 players to stand on a pad to start the Conservator boss but this one player is not there, and I would have to wait almost 2 hours to start finding another game. I don’t really know what can be done to solve this predicament but it is really annoying that someone would do that!

Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. Even with the new report feature being implemented today, it won’t help a situation like that. The only option is to quit that game. You won’t even be able to burn your lives as that person will still be alive.

Take solace in the fact that when everyone leaves, you’ll all stop feeding the leecher xp. If your on console, block the player to try to avoid getting teamed with them again, I guess.


I know the team at Gearbox is working on something for this sort of thing. I talked to Jythri about it back in Early Access. They had some ideas they were discussing and some of them sounded like really good ways of handling the problem. Like any person standing on a pad could activate it for the whole team, but at a much slower rate. The more people standing on the pads the faster it would go. A full team would have it proceed as fast as normal. This way one person couldn’t troll the whole team and start the event without them before they were ready, but if someone went AFK to troll they could still proceed through the level. I’ve been waiting a while for this feature to appear but I guess it isn’t ready yet.


Don’t tell anyone who it was. Thats criticial of your fellow players and against rules. Thats sarcasm

Definitely agree with this idea, hope they implement this into the game soon as this kind of problem was not covered by the reporting system.

So I’m confused why they would do that? Is that their way of getting experience for the level without doing anything? I’m just wondering if I see something like that in the future if I should just leave the game right away? Seems pointless to stay when you can get to parts like that that you literally can’t complete

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A kick player option would definitely solve this problem

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@jerms85 The only thing I can think of is if it was a level that didn’t have the pads that prevented progress, they would still be able to get any legendaries that dropped, as long as they were part of the group.

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Yeah, probably to try and get any legendary gear (as it is the lootpocolypse) without doing anything.