Bekah is in the Maurice machine this week

If anyone still needs one, the machine is near the start of Jakobs estate with the huts.



Man I farmed the dogsh@t out of the Bekah during that event not too long ago, Thanks for the find though bro

ha ha ha first chest from new Vault Card I opened… guess what? It s a Bekah… I shouldn t have bothered farming the event last time xD

It has been a very long time since I looked in Maurice’s machine. Is it usual to get three of one legendary item, and three of another? (In this case, 3 Bekahs and 3 Baby Makers).

Not complaining about the Bekahs, you understand…

It’s random selection of the three items featured that week. It usually has at least one of each, but have had it with only one item type before. It changes if you come back later or reload with a different character.

Random system is indeed random. :smile:

Well, it rolled in my favour this time - already had a Bekah on Zane, and he managed to pick one up each for Moze, FL4K, and Amara in one go.

What’s the preferred Bekah? I’m happy with my current one, but will hit the machine nonetheless. If I get a good roll, I’ll snag it for anyone on Steam.

Can it roll from Maurice’s machine with different parts? The three I got yesterday were identical apart from the anointments (where as the Baby Makers in there were parted differently).

Bekah has very limited parts, the best roll is 57k and +10% crit. The scope is up to you. It can spawn in any combination in Black Market.

Ohhhh well then. Meaning no disrespect to my dino-bro Maurice but I usually don’t bother with his vendor. But the Bekah is one of the few guns in the game I want to get optimal parts on so I’ll be hitting it up.

Ooh, I need a Urad one, I am gonna have to log on this weekend and farm one up!


If I recall chests from Vault card have items from Maurice in their pool, but still what bad RNG

No they don’t.

They have, also the same pool is used for 4th reward in Diamond Armory.
Black Market, Vault Card, and 4th Diamond Armory all have the same pool of items.


What chests are we talking about? The ones where you get keys in vault cards? I opened over 200 not one legendary.

I’ve opened over 600 vault card chests and have received only two legendaries among the rewards.

Yes those chests.
Yes it s very rare they give legendary.
That s why getting a Bekah I did not need in my very first chest was a big RNG troll.