Bekah World Drop?

I was under the assumptionthat the only way to get a Bekah was by completing the 10 Hammerlock Legendary Hunt challenges. Well I’m playing as Zane at level 65, M4 on PC and have been farming the Ascention Bluff Legendary Hunt location for a set of Skeksill pistols. On killing a skagg a Deadeye Bekah dropped. Is the Bekah now a world drop or does it only drop at Legendary Hunt locations?


It’s the current mini-event running for the 2nd anniversary of BL3 (until Thursday I believe?) It wasn’t announced on the forums, but you can find the details on the site. Farm as many as you think you’ll need quickly, because the event won’t last long. (Other crew challenge rewards can also drop.)


I thought it was just the Bekah and Earworm?

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Does this mean the Skeksil will return as a drop for the Skragg in a few days time?

I could be wrong about it being all challenges - definitely Bekah and Earworm. Unfortunately, there are so many drops I can’t keep track of which is in which category - my lost loot machine was certainly overflowing last night!

Outside the Bekah i only know of ember’s purge and Scoville that are locked behind crew challenges

Zero’s challenge gives you the lyuda.

And event states its only the Bekah and earworm dropping

I have 1 save file where i haven’t got myself ember’s purge… Bekah and Scoville i have to level a new character just for 1 shot at a decent roll.

Only other option is getting it through a diamond key or trade for it… Or we have to move to the dark side

Which, oddly, have been dropping like rain for me for the last couple of months. Is it the only challenge weapon that you can also get as a drop? Seems odd that it’s included but not the other ones.

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Seems odd that their “anniversary surprise” is two old guns, one of which isn’t even Legendary or purple, dropping temporarily. I’ve seen more meaningful content in a typical nerf/buff hotfix.
Making ALL the challenge guns drop would’ve been slightly better, but generating a permanent fix instead of a fleeting respite would be asking too much from GBX.


Skeksil never stopped dropping from the Skragg (the flying creature). A tubby skagg could drop the Bekah during the two day event that is now over.

So, since launch: bekah available by completing the hammerlock hunt in totality. Otherwise, it was dropped for two days this week by tubbies, loot tinks and thieving jabbers. Skeksil has always dropped from the Scragg, though when the loot events occur (the ones that ended last week) you’re more likely to get someone else.

Event is over

People been asking for a dropsource for the Bekah pretty much since launch.

Then they did the same for DLC1 and probably got so much backlash they didn’t do it again :joy:

Babymaker is reward from getting Claptrap parts and part of Brood Mothers loot pool.

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That one also seems to be a world drop as well? I’ve got tons of them, but not from Brood Mother.

Forgot about the babymaker :sweat_smile: probably because it’s not even rare :rofl:

I wouldn’t even mind if GBX let us reset crew challenges when resetting your game… (and let us reset DLC’s again with the addition of resetting crew challenges)


Yeah, the fact that this doesn’t happen is a real head-scratcher. :blconfused:


First time i ever did was for this exact reason :sweat_smile:

You can picture my disappointment figuring out i couldn’t get a new on level crew challenge reward :pensive:

And after a few level caps i ran out of saves where i didn’t redeem them :confused:

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I do hope they add at least the Bekah to the pools of the loot enemies permanently at some point (don’t care about Earworm, it’s just a gimmick weapon). One thing I loved doing in BL2 was hunting tubbies for their exclusive rare drops and this is (was) kinda the same. Previously adding the RYNAH was a step in the right direction but that launcher is pretty much a one-and-done farm since its parts are locked, and honestly there are better launchers out there.

Aaaaannnyway my bank has a bunch of of M0, M1 and M10 Bekahs in it now heh. Just so they’re available to whatever characters at whatever levels I want to play them in the future.

The RYNAH doesn’t have fixed parts…

The Vibra Pulse is only available from Moxxis radio towers?

I’m sure most people forget it exists

And that challenge is bugged as all hell, so even if you do it, you might not get the gun.

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