Benchmark results?

While the game is in this horrible state, I sometimes try the benchmark after a new gpu driver, or the new windows mode for gpu scheduling.
I know I once got at least an average fps number in the menü (“full ressults” never did anything more.).
Since one of the last patches there is nothing and I can’t find the results anywhere.
Did they even do simple benchmarking wrong?

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yes, they broke the benchmark option for visual settings in the last update/DLC release. I always check the benchmark like you. After a new driver or a game patch/update. no results show anymore after running the benchmark. I liked that little feature. Maybe they’ll fix it in the next destructive download they release. I say destructive, because on every update/patch/dlc they end up breaking something unintentionally. They are very consistent on that end.

I (sadly) have to agree with your sentiments…

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It’s kinda funny, since a friend of mine for once could play it, at ALL, and that was after the last update. Uptil then, it was stuttering/micro freezing constantly, so he didn’t play it for months at a time, checking back just to test the performance… I have on pc and ps4, and well, the ps4 is atrocious compared to pc when it comes to stuttering.