Benedict and Monuments.....Wow

If a team doesn’t pick a Benedict for that fight well…

They need to rethink that strategy.

Let’s just say that if there was EVER a map tailor made for a character…this one is it.

That and combined with his recent buffs just make him stupidly good in Monuments.

Just played on a decent team…pretty good synergy but no Benedict.

Played against a bad team with one Benedict (who really wasn’t that good).

And we got waxed… Benedict sniped the crap out our sentry and there was virtually NO way to stop him. He didn’t need to shepard bots to the target…he didn’t need much of anything…just swoop around, take down the sentry’s shield and chip a few point off him then swoop away when we were finally able to react.

A little frustrating…LOL

I don’t want to play Benedict on that map. Don’t need people telling me I’m doing it wrong if I don’t spend the whole time up there.

im currently mastering Benedict and my God can I wreck face on monuments. Benedict with his legendary is a nightmare on that map because he has the ability to sit back behind his team fly up and blast the f*ck out of the sentry

Oh no running the flanks with Benedict and using Hawkeye on an unsuspecting victim is much better than just sitting on that little perch the whole game. I just flank and then when we push I fly up and wreck the sentry

The three times I played the map…three different Benedicts…

His average kills were over 20 with deaths around 2-3

That’s over 20 folks…

Kinda…a LOT :smiley:

I’ve averaged about 15-18 a game. Benedict really didn’t need this buff he now has the ability to kill anyone with a single clip.

Why did they think that Ben’s rockets needed a buff?

Sounds like the same with people talking about back dooring on Ben Isic and Kleese on over growth.