Benedict and toby

so does he have thing out for toby, some matches they both seem to dislike each other i notice when they run across each other and we kill each other we say specific things for each other that leads to think of past conflicts

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Well, one is a flightless bird. And the other isn’t.

It’s kinda clever if you think about it that way.

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Toby and Benedict tried to join the UPR at the same time, as they were both refugee from the same system. Benedict got in, not Toby. Also, Benedict always make fun of Toby’s incapacity to fly.

But the way they seems to hate each others, and the fact that they are in both their Lore image together, make me wonder if there is more to that (They seems to know each others more than any others Battleborn)

I still got to unlock two of Toby’s lore, to find out if there is any more explanation about that.




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Through some of their lore, I’m speculating that Benedict may have stolen his “new” rocket launcher from Toby or something close.