Benedict & Boulder Lore Challenges

Need 3-4 players please, we can start on hardcore an instantly die. Shouldnt take longer then maybe 20minutes max to get everyones done!

Add me on PSN: Tricksta_23

i need help with benedict lore too can use my other controller for split screen if you can find 3rd person we are set.

Do you guys still play got me and a friend needing boulders lore for full eldrid team we can split screen so only need 3 more players

Psn: RicePhelps

i can help you if you still need it @mcjew13

Welcome to the forums.

In future instances please check the date of the last reply before Necroing a dead thread.

Regardless best of luck, and I know there is (was? I don’t know if it’s full or not) a PS4 community which useful for finding teammates for lore.
In addition the Unofficial Battleborn Discord has a PS4 Matchmaking section if you use the software.