Benedict Build - Boom and Zoom


I. Introduction
II. Useful links
III. Helix choices
IV. Gear
V. How to play
VI. Dive and Damage burst
VII. Final Squawk

I. Introduction

This build for Benedict is higly focused on quick kills, and game flow control.
You will usually end up at close range, if not melee range, to quickly kill your target. You also will be roaming alone most of the time. You won’t deal with the objectives that much (Miniosn or capture), but will hunt critical targets for your team (An annoying Marquis, or an Orendi burning your waves of minions)
Basicaly: This build turn Benedict from a Pusher Role to an Assassin role.

If you like to get in, get a kill and get out quickly, then it’s probably a build you’ll enjoy.

II. Useful links.

Link to my Benedict informations thread (Useful for pretty much everything Benedict related):

III. Helix choices

  1. Right - Persistent Projectiles.
  2. Right - Wind Chill.
  3. Left - Ready Rockets
  4. Right - A Murder of Rockets
  5. Right - Tailwind
  6. Right - Heavy Bombardement
  7. Left - Danger Zone
  8. Left - Frequent Flyer
  9. Right - Party Starter
  10. Middle - Phoenix Protocol.

Note: You can pick Rejiggered Ordinance at level 1 if there is a good amount of Shield based characters on the enemy team (Kleese, Shayne & Aurox, Reyna, etc)

IV. Gear

You should pick gear who either increase Attack speed, Attack damage, Reload speed, or a bit of Maximum Health (At least 200).
Try to get Benedict’s Legendary as soon as you can, as it will also reduce the cooldown of all your skills when hitting an enemy with a rocket.

My own gear loadout is:

"Air Mail" AGM Loader
+18% Reload Speed
+4.80 Attack Damage
Benedict Only: Landing Rocket Hits while airborne reduces all active cooldowns by 1 second.
(1800 shards to activate; Benedict’s Legendary Gear)

Talon of the Hawk
+9.16% Attack Speed
+196 Maximum Health
Gain 5.23% Attack Damage while airborne for more than 1 second.
(1800 shards to activate; Eldrid Legendary Gear)

Survivor’s Eldrid Bio-Weave
+280 Maximum Health
+210 Maximum Health after surviving for 180 seconds.
(924 shards to activate; Eldrid Rare Gear)

Those gear will allow you to do more damage in a shorter amount of time, and the Maximum health will allow you to survive a bit longer, as Benedict’s health is one of the lowest in the game.

V. How to play

Your goal at the begining of the game is to get experience quickly, to reach your Level 4. You won’t be able to get much player kills in the begining anyway, so focus on objectives for now (Minions, captures)
You might also want to get the first set of big shards (In Incurions and Meltdown), so keep an eye on them at the 28 minutes mark. If possible, activate a gear who give more Maximum health, as they are more “valuable” early game.

Once your reach level 4 you’ll have the helix choice required to get kills much more easily: “A Murder of Rockets”, giving you a good burst damage skill.

Always try to surprise your enemy, as they’ll barely have time to react to your attacks. Also, always try to start your attack from above, as peoples rarely expect it, even if they know there is a Benedict on the enemy team.
You’ll need a good map awareness to flank and surprise the enemies, so keep an eye on the minimap as much as you can.
Your main targets should be Loners, as they are easy to surprise and an easy kill. Then hunt Supports (Miko) and Lane cleaners (Orendi) as they are usually squishy, and important to their team. So if you got them out of the game as often as possible, you’ll help your team quite a bunch.

Avoid Tanks (Montana, ISIC, Boldur, etc) as their health pools can be really high, and you might not be able to kill them quickly enough before their team come to help.
Also, always keep an eye open for ranged characters who are especially strong against you, such as Marquis, Thorn or Montana. Unless you can surprise them, it’s better to stay away from their area.

Between kills, and while your skills are on cooldown, you should try to get more experience and shards. You can also hunt turrets, which may be annoying to you while hunting targets later on.

Your Level 4 is your first big improvement in your helix, in terms of damage, but you’ll get another one at Level 5 (Ultimate) and 6 (Heavy Bombardement) improving your damage with each of them. You’ll get more damage at Level 9 (Party Starter) and 10 (Phoenix Protocol), but between level 6 and 9 you won’t get much improvement in your damage abilities, so strike hard mid-game, so the enemy team won’t be able to keep up.

Finally, always be aware of Slow effects (Montana’s Hailstorm, or Thumper Turret’s rockets) as this is probably the worst effect you could end up with.

VI. Dive and Damage burst

At level 4, your damage burst take a big jump, as your Hawkeye go from 166 damage, to 498 damage, which is a decent nuke if all 3 hit. So you’ll be effectively hunting from level 4 till the end of the game.

When you find a lone target, or a wounded one, your Rocket Launcher should be fully loaded, and all your skills ready. You should also be above your target (Which mean you need to set up your attack, as you’ll probably need to liftoff to a high position, then wait for it to cooldown)

Your target must not be aware of your presence until it’s too late, so don’t shoot at long range, and if he spot you and he is a ranged character, you might just want to give up for now. (Unless he got low health)

If everything is on your favour, glide to him, shoot one or two rocket when you are above him, and use Hawkeye as you let yourself fall on him, he’ll barely have time to react after the first rocket hit (You’ll be falling while using Hawkeye, so all your Hawkeye rockets will hit him nearly at the same time) Melee him away if needed, and shoot two rockets (Which should be homing rockets after your Hawkeye).
If you are level 5 or above, and your target have low health, immediately use Boomsday after your 5h rocket hit. Your target should be dead (Don’t underestimate Tank’s health pool. 1/3rd of their Health might be above 750hp (Boomsday do 750 damage at level 10) and watch out for damage reduction too.

With this type of attack, at level 10 you will do:
2 Normal rockets for 247 damage each (494 total)

  • 3 Hawkeye rockets with +15% damage (213 each, 639 total)
  • up to 3 homing rockets for around 296.5 damage each (889)
  • Boomsday for 750 damage

For a total of 2772 damage burst (Not counting gears, mutation, and eventual melee attacks) in a few seconds.
But after this damage burst, you have nothing but your claws. You’ll have to reload, and all your skills are on cooldown except Liftoff. You know what to do.

VII. Final Squawk

You should know enough to play Benedict in a more aggresive way. But remember that this style might not fit everyone, and you’ll still need a bit of self-experience to get it right.
If performed well, you should have the highest damage dealt in your team, and probably the most kills.


Bro both your guides is amazing, I’ll post my stats from last night later on. Once I got all in there face unexpectedly it was instant death. I wasn’t using my ult to finish shoot I barely was using my ult. Now I’m using it all the time.

I played away from the fight, now I go into it. Blow my skills to get the kill or assist, then liftoff away to reposition myself.

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Nice, that’s the way to go.
Glad we got another aggressive Benedict in the flock, hah.

Wow thank you for this guide. I saw Benedict’s tier 2 skin and instantly wanted to play him, but was awful with him in the past. After reading this guide more in depth I now have been getting 10+ kills with him each game with ease.

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Yeah, he is kinda hard to play at first.
Glad my guide helped.