Benedict Builds and Informations


I. Introduction
II. Glossary
III. Stats and informations
IV. Unlocks
V. Specific traits
VI. Skills
VII. Helix choices
VIII. Gear
IX. Benedict’s Legendary Gear
X. Tips & Tricks
XI. Your Nemesis
XII. Your Preys
XIII. How to survive Benedict

I. Taunts
II. Skins




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I. Introduction

Benedict is a high burst-damage, high mobility, but low health Battleborn, who is more succesful in guerilla tactics than any other characters.
This is a character you’ll want to play if you like to surprise, flank, or attack your enemy from unexpected angles. And unlike what you may think first, he is more effective at close range than he is at long range. His slow projectiles are easy to predict and dodge, and his slow reload speed and average attack speed doesn’t allow him a high damage per second.

His ability to glide midair allow him to move from one point of the map to another quickly, but his an easy target while in the air.
He is good at lane cleaning, thanks to his AoE, and his high mobility allow you to go from one lane to another in Meltdown, move between lane and camps/shards in Incursion, and jump from points to points in Capture.

II. Glossary

Terms i will use in this build. Either generally used, or used by me.

Burst damage: The ability to do a lot of damage in a short period of time.
CC: Character Control, effects who block a character from doing something, such as Silence, Slow or Stun.
Dive: Falling quickly from a high place onto an enemy or location.
Lane Push / Push: Advancing forward on a lane aggressively, killing enemy minions and turrets to help yours move up.
DPS: Damage per Second.
Nest: Benedict’s way of camping, on high ledges or platforms.
Nuke: Skill who do a lot of damage by itself.
Snowball: When a character enter a loop where he grow faster, and get more dangerous as time pass. Making him harder to stop the longer the game goes.

III. Stats and informations

-Health & Shield:
300 Shield.
983 Health at Level 1.
1568 Health at Level 10.
+65 Health growth per level.

-Damage (From Level 1 to 10):
Base Rocket damage at Level: 190-197-204-211-218-225-232-239-246-253
+7 Damage growth per level.

Quick melee Damage: at Level 1: 104-108-112-116-120-124-128-132-136-140
+4 Damage growth per level.

Hawkeye: 141-149-157-166-173-181-189-197-205-213
+8 Damage growth per level.

Liftoff: (No damage)

Boomsday: 525-550-575-600-625-650-675-700-725-750
+25 Damage growth per level.

-Splash damage:
Your rockets have Splash damage fall-off, which mean the further your enemy is from center of the explosion, the less damage they will take. It seems 1/4 of the radius of the explosion does 100% base damage then damage fall-off apply. I’m not 100% of this as i can’t test that easily.

You can do critical hits with rockets, but you will need a direct hit. Easy on some bosses (Such as Geoff), but quite unreliable in PvP.

IV. Unlocks

Note: Mutations marker with an interrogation mark (?) mean i’m sure if this is the right Mutation at this rank (Because… memory)

Rank 1: Nothing (You start here)
Rank 2: “Rocket Hawk” Title
Rank 3: “Rejiggered Ordinance” (?) Mutation
Rank 4: “Blue Bird” Skin
Rank 5: “Multiloader” (?) Mutation
Rank 6: Rare Loot pack
Rank 7: “Eyes on You” (?) Mutation
Rank 8: “Screamin’ Eagle” Skin
Rank 9: “Divebomb” (?) Mutation
Rank 10: UPR Loot pack
Rank 11: “Lovebird” Skin
Rank 12: “Phoenix Protocol” Mutation
Rank 13: Epic Loot pack
Rank 14: “Fresh Outta The Aviary” Skin
Rank 15: “Regurgirocket” Taunt

V. Specific traits (Flyboy)

-Double jump: Benedict got innate double jump / can jump mid-air.
-Glide: Holding right click (PC) or [What is it on Consoles?] will allow you to glide, slowing your fall, and allowing you to move in the air in every direction.

VI. Skills

-Hawkeye: Shoot one rocket (133 damage) if the rocket hit an enemy, it will mark them and any rockets shot while the mark is active will track onto him. Watch out, as minions and turrets can get marked by the rockets, disturbing your rockets flight (Even more if you missed your target in the process).

-Liftoff: Your escape and movement skill, propelling you upward high. You can double jump after using liftoff. Watch out to not be hit by any CC as you start a Liftoff (Such as Rath’s Catalytic Smash) as it will break your liftoff.

-Boomsday: A guided rocket with a decent radius, and 500 damage dealt. Mostly used as a finisher. If you have friends on mic, tell them to warn you if someone is escaping with low health so you can finish him from range.
Remember that after the explosion you have a whole second where you still can’t move. So be sure your target will die, or you are in a safe place.
Also, don’t use it as an initiation as it’s more useful as a finisher (Peoples can barely escape it as you are the one controlling it, and it’s faster than any Battleborn)

VII. Helix choices (R= Right / L= Left / M=Mutation, of the Helix tree):

I’ll say what Helix choice i use first, and why i think it’s good for this build.
-I’ll also say why i don’t use the other Helix choice after.
+Some choices can be a good solution depending on the situation.

-Level 1:
L. Evasive Pattern Benedict: When using liftoff you go up and backward at the same time. Useful as an escape, but will complicate your vertical movement (If you want to go on certain area with ease)

R. Persistent Projectiles: Slightly longer Hawkeye duration, allowing you an additional rocket to be shot.

M. Rejiggered Ordinance: Hawkeye rockets deal +50% damage against shield, which is really useful against LLC or characters with big shields, such as Shayne & Aurox.

-Level 2:
L. Make Some Room: Pushes nearby enemy away when using Liftoff. Useful against Melee characters, and to push enemies of the edge of the map in some situation. But might spread a group without wanting to.

R. Wind Chill: Slow your nearby enemies when you use Liftoff but only last for 1 second. Useful for… something?

-Level 3:
L. Ready Rockets: +30% Reload speed, allowing you to partially fix the biggest problem of Benedict: His slow reload.

R. Speedy Delivery: +25% Rocket speed, handy if you have trouble predicting enemies movement.

-Level 4:
L. Rapid Reload: Using Hawkeye now instantly reload your Rocket Launcher. Useful if you want a steady output of damage.

R. A Murder of Rockets: Hawkeye now launch 3 rockets instead of 1. Better if you want a big damage burst capability. Also synergize really well with the Level 1 Mutation.

-Level 5:
L. Glide-iator: Allow your to jump in their a second time. Allow you to fly higher, or to be more unpredictable in the air.

R. Tailwind: +25% Flight speed, allowing you to move faster in the air, and chase enemies with ease.

M. Divebomb: Using Melee while Gliding will make Benedict rush to the ground, dealing damage and pushing them. If you want an additional damage output, it can be useful, but will make you a vulnerable target.

-Level 6:
L. Blastoff: Liftoff now does +133 damage to nerby enemies. If you often use your Liftoff close to enemies, it could be a decent choice.

R. Heavy Bombardement: Homing rockets get a +20% damage boost. Self Explanatory.

-Level 7:
L. Danger Zone: +45% Aoe for your Rockets (Not Hawkeyes rockets) Useful overall.

R. Surgical Strike: +18% damage for your rockets (Not Hawkeyes rockets) but -20% AoE, better if you use guided rockets a lot.

M. Multiloader: Allow you to load 2 rockets before firing, but will automatically fire once both are loaded and you will not be able to hold down trigger to fire rockets continuously.

-Level 8:
L. Frequent Flyer: Reduce Liftoff Cooldown by 25%. Will increase your survivability as it will allow you more frequent use.

R. First Class: When using Liftoff your shield will begin to recharge instantly. But taking any damage will stop the shield recharge. Situational.

-Level 9:
L. Less Talk, More Hawk: Reduce Hawkeye’s Cooldown by 25%. If you are using Hawkeye a lot, it’s probably your best choice.

R. Party Starter: +15% damage to Hawkeye Rockets (Not guided rockets) Really useful if you took Level 1 Mutation, and Level 4’s Right choice.

M. Eyes on You: +50% Aoe for Hawkeye’s rockets (Not guided rockets) making it easier to hit your target.

-Level 10:
L. Hawkpocalypse: Double the Boomsday Radius, making it easier for you to hit your target, or multiples enemies.

R. Rockets Launchin’ Rockets: Allow you to shoot rockets while piloting the Boomsday rocket, adding a bit of damage. Better as a single target ultimate.

M. Phoenix Protocol: Leave a 60 damage per second AoE after Boomsday detonation for 8 seconds (480 Damage overall). Good to both add damage or deny an area. Work better if your team got an heavy stunner such as Kelvin.

VIII. Gear

Gear is a bit of a personal preference, but here is a list of what you should at least consider when choosing your Gear for Benedict.

-Increased maximum Shield or health: Benedict is one of the most fragile character in the game. Increasing his survival is often needed.
-Increased Reload Speed: To reduce one of the biggest problem with Benedict.

-Primary attack damage, or skill damage, or attack speed: More damage per second is always good. Not that important though, as you already do a lot of damage. But stacking them can be impressive.
-Cooldown reduction: Useful to attack more often, but if you got Benedict’s Legendary gear (See next chapter) you won’t need more Cooldown reduction.

-Anything that reduce Maximum shield or health. Don’t make you easier to kill than you already are.
-Increasing critical damage, or effect on critical. It’s very unreliable on Benedict.
-Shard per seconds, you won’t need it that much, as you are quite mobile and can farm shards easily.

IX. Benedict’s Legendary Gear

You can unlock Benedict’s Legendary Gear by completing all his Lore Challenges.

“Air Mail” AGM Loader.
+Reload Speed
+Attack damage
Benedict only: Rockets who hit an enemy while airborne reduces all active cooldowns by 1 second.

X. Tips & Tricks:

-If you suddenly get attacked by a melee character, use Liftoff right away except if it’s Rath, Galilea, Shayne, or Ghalt, as they got a skill to break it (Anything that Pull you, or Stun you). Only do it if they have already used it, or if you got no choice. In general, just be cautious if they have been picked.

-If you just liftoff from a surprise attack from a Melee character, he’ll try to follow you, waiting for you to slowly glide down, so always know your surrounding. A ramp or Rock can help you land then double jump back in the air. So use them, even if it make your escape route slightly longer.

-Keep moving. You are fast, but big (Wings hitboxes does count) and Ranged characters only wait for you to stop.

-When following an enemy always double jump then glide: You can shoot your rockets while gliding, you can’t while sprinting. If you have the +25% flight speed, you’ll even reduce the distance with some of them.

-Don’t nest for too long. Ranged characters will expect you to do it. Also, you are not safe up there at all as there is usually no cover, and you can be shot from multiple places.

-As soon as you take a hit from Marquis or Thorn (They make a really noticeable sound) while gliding, drop as soon as possible: You are harder to predict on the ground. Why on the first hit and not the second? Because the time you’ll drop to the ground, you’ll probably take a second shot, which mean you’ll lose your shield for sure, even with Gear.
If you can’t, (Like Phoebe waiting for you down there) well… zigzag and hug walls. Remember that you can only take 4 hits from a well built Marquis.

-Homing rockets have a steep turn, use it to shoot from cover if needed. Also, remember that Rockets will “home” to your target in a straight line. So walls will block them.

-Slow is the worst debuff you can receive. Being blinded is not much of an issue with Liftoff, and you should be hard to stun overall, as it usually need a direct contact with something or someone (Montana’s charge, Galilea’s shield, Aurox rush, etc) which can be dodged. While slow is often an effect much easier to land (Most are about an area, such as Marquis bubble, or Miko’s spores)

-Liftoff can be used midair, so never use Liftoff from the ground. Always jump then use Liftoff, as you’ll be able to use your double jump after and get slightly higher (Or double jump then Liftoff)
Also, don’t forget to get as high as possible before doing it, such as using a rock or a ramp. Check your surrounding.

-You can actually do critical damage with Benedict, but in PvP it’s highly unreliable as you need a direct hit to a critical part of the enemy Battleborn. In PvE, though, it’s much more reliable against Bosses such as Geoff.

-If you need to turn rapidly while gliding, just release the button briefly as you turn the mouse (Or stick) to the direction needed, then glide again. You will only lose a meter or two of height, but it will allow you to do a steep turn.

-Some enemies got Explosions resistance, such as Geoff (400% resistance)

XI. Your Nemesis

The worst Battleborn you can be matched against. He have higher damage output than you do, faster fire rate, and instant projectile speed. He is basically better at everything at long range than you are, and even at mid-range. If you take a single hit from him from long range, bail instantly.

If you are hit by a curse arrow, don’t stay around for too long, as you’ll quickly take high damage. Easier to dodge her shots at long range, but more dangerous at close range than Marquis (She can even wreck your beak if you are not careful)

Oscar Mike:
Napalm grenade is basically an anti-nest, it hurt a lot, and easy to lob. If he use Scope instead of Red-dot, he’ll pepper you as much as he can and do a good amount of damage. Not as bas as Marquis and Thorn, but don’t underestimate him either as he can slow your Snowball.

Surprisingly effective, thanks to his slow effect from Hailstorm, and high health pool. If he start shooting at you, shoot a few rockets and bail. One of the rare Battleborn who can survive your burst damage.

You’d kill her probably, but if there is a single other enemy in your view, don’t attack her. She’ll mark you and you’ll quickly end up dead as you are not resilient enough. Also… Dat slow man.

He got a hook to pull you down, and a mine who can stun you once you hit ground and does high damage at close range. Be really careful, and stay far from him.

XII. Your Preys

Marquis: While being your Nemesis, he is also your favourite prey. At close range he can’t defend himself easily, and he usually is focused on one person at a time, so he is usually not really aware of his surrounding. Really easy to jump on.

Orendi: Squishy, and dangerous for your minions wave. Fast but she still got a hard time to run away from you. So even if you can’t kill her, make sure she can’t play her Lane game.

Miko: Quite resilient, but one of the most effective healer in the game. It’s also often behind it’s allies, so it can be hard for your allies to attack it. If possible kill it as often as you can, as it will stop it’s team from pushing.

XIII. How to survive Benedict

I guess it’s fair to give some tips about how to survive Benedict.
Well… if the Benedict player is good, most of the time you won’t. The thing is to make sure your team will.

-The best thing you could do, is to be as annoying as possible early on against him. You’ll need someone dedicated to be this annoyance. Use Oscar Mike or Marquis to constantly check him, don’t let him get too much minions kills, and protect your allies.

-Stick together. A Marquis who is far behind, is not a safe Marquis. Benedict will see him sooner or later and take him out.

-Turrets are better than you think. Yes he can shoot them from afar, but he’ll have to reload, and while he attack the Turret he don’t attack you and you can retaliate. If he destroy the Turret, run to a friend.

-Any slow effect is bad for Benedict. his survivability depend on how fast he is. Yours is not on how fast you are (He’ll probably be faster and do close range anyway) so use your Helix accordingly.

-If you are a Melee character (Rath, Phoebe, etc), and can get the jump on him, don’t use all your skills on him instantly. You risk to use a needed skill for later and still have him escape. Let your ranged allies do their jobs.
But if he doesn’t Liftoff in the next second he lose his shield, assume he used it not so long ago: Open the skills gate, make it rain.

-Stay focused, even in the middle of the explosions storm. You are probably dead already, but by giving him a few good hits, you may set up a kill for your teammates. #NeverGiveUp

-Even if you are in range of your Base turrets, which hurt Benedict a lot, keep in mind he might use his Boomsday. And Turrets won’t give a f*ck about it.

-Some Battleborn got Jump upgrades (Such as Rath and Thorn) don’t underestimate their use against a Benedict.

-If a Benedict Nest anywhere high above ground, tell it to your team. If your team focus on him each time he does Nest, he will quickly stop. Most nest spot have no cover for him.

-You can shoot down normal rockets, but it seems only physical projectiles can (Like Miko’s spore, or another rocket) as the game probably see it as a block (And therfore, make it explode). The Boomsday rockets can be shot down too.


I. Taunts:

Self-explanatory, Benedict regurgitate a Rocket.

The Dance, I.
Benedict does the “Chicken dance” from the Arrested Development TV show, with hand overhead.

The Dance, II.
Same as above, except a different version, clapping his hands and running on the spot.

The Dance, III.
Same as above, three parts taunt, arms spread.

The Dance, IV.
Same as above, Benedict flapping his arms like wings.
-Picture needed-

Lunch Break.
Benedict flap his arms like wings and peck the ground.

II. Skins:
The Rocket Hawk: Benedict’s Basic skin.

Black Hawk: Black and Purple. Require Master of Benedict.

Gold Eagle: Gold and Red. Shift Code key.

Bluebird: Blue and Red. Acquired at Rank 3.

Screamin’ Eagle: Orange and Yellow. Acquired at Rank 8

Lovebird: Pink shades. Acquired at Rank 11

Fresh Outta The Aviary: Green and Yellow. Acquired at Rank 14

Covert Hawk: Dark Pink and Blue. UPR Loot pack.

Turbulence: Full white. UPR Loot Pack.

Limited Edition: Yellow and Purple. UPR Loot Pack.

UPR-AX76 “Murri-Caw”: Eagle-like Benedict, and American Flag themed armour and wings. Platinum only.

-Lore (Work in Progress)

Name: August Benedict Jr.

SPOILER ALERT! (For those who might care)

y.19943, d.237 – Noticed by UPR recruiter. (Help for a grounded recruit)
y.19944, d.61 – Leave the Hospital. (Rocket Jump Professional)
y.19944, d63 – Join the UPR (The Tour)
y.19952, d.102 – Letter to her Nestmate (The bird’s last word)


Boom and Zoom by @Corrsk
Missile Barrage by @alltheshinies

15/04/16 - Added new Mutators, and some changes for the Level 2 Helix choices advices.
18/04/16 - Added Phoenix Protocol Mutator, slight change to the build (Level 10) due to it.
18/04/16 - Reworked VII. Gear.
19/04/16 - New Damage stats according to ScaryKangaroo test.
03/05/16 - Changes to how to acquire his Legendary Gear.
11/05/16 - Page Overhaul.
12/05/16 - Added Unlocks section.
15/05/16 - Added images for Taunts and Skins.
19/05/16 - More accurate damage statistics (Normal, Melee & Skills). Added “The Dance, III” taunt.
25/05/16 - Added Turbulence Skin.
04/06/16 - Added two new builds in the Builds section.
12/06/16 - Added Explosions resistance informations in “Tips & Tricks”.
29/08/16 - Edited Health according to recent changes. Added 2 skins and 1 taunt.
15/09/16 - Edited Damage numbers for Base Rocket according to changes.

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Wow, this is a really comprehensive guide! These new helix mutations are pretty interesting (especially the divebomb mutation at lvl 5) and it opens up some new and really interesting options for Benedict that I hope to explore later.

Personally I like to pick up Rapid Reload at lvl 4, then pick up Surgical Strike at lvl 7. The extra damage that Surgical Strike gives you is actually pretty significant if you can land the initial hits, and even if you do miss a few you can always use Hawkeye to instantly reload your rockets and get some reliable hits in. The reduced AOE that the Surgical Strike mutation give your rockets doesn’t actually affect Hawkeye missiles, so it’s not as bad as people may think. Given the build your going for, I think Surgical Strike is a better option, since the Danger Zone mutation is mostly used as a pushing tool, but I can see why you would pick it up over Surgical Strike because it is a lot more reliable and doesn’t take “surgical” precision to land hits with your rockets.

Thanks for the post, it’s a really good general overview Benedict’s strengths and how he can be played. I hope more people read it. :slight_smile:


That was somewhat another build i thought about, one revolving more around Hawkeye.
I’d go Persistent Projectiles, Rapid Reload, Surgical Strike, Speedy delivery and Eyes on you.
Which would end up like: Shoot your rockets, Use Hawkeye to reload and track your target (Single rocket, but increased AoE) and the next 3 rockets should do really good damage.

It’s a good build too, but it’s not my play style as much. Plus it may completely fail, and make it harder for you during the fight, hah.

I’m more about going into someone’s face, which can be hectic (Seriously, fighting Orendi at close range is like fighting blind), so that’s why i pick Danger Zone instead of Surgical Strike. And i often initiate while flying above, so landing hits is not easy with Surgical strike from there.
Also, the Burst damage is already crazy with this build, i’m not sure it needs more. That would be overkill i think.

And updated the build with the all the Mutators except the last one (Which i haven’t yet)

I have been maining benidict for the open beta and he is a blast to play (pun intended ) now I play a lot of meltdown and enjoy the fast game play as incursion can run into a stalemate. But my helix build is

  1. Hawkeye that one second adds another rocket
  2. Make some room helps getting away from melee
  3. Ready rockets more rockets more damage
  4. Rapid reload simple more rockets more damage
  5. Tailwind speed is everything for my build
  6. I use blast off I find I don’t use hawkeye enough and the damage does help
  7. Danger zone quickly gets rid of minions
  8. Frequent flyer allow me to go anywhere faster
  9. I like the eyes on you not sure why just do
  10. Hawkpocolyspe as it helps clear the minons wave and deals a good chunk of damage

Now my items I was lucky and got a shard item that I get shards and the item cost noting so free shards.
My second item is gives shards and reduces building costs
My last item deals 10% more damage while reducing my opponents.

So how I play is just farm shards and build all the upgrades so I have 2 shard generators and I’m able to move all around the map and I build turrets and the big minions. I don’t do much fighting other than clearing the minon waves as fast as I can get the shard objective and build sounds boring but wins games

That’s nearly the opposite way i play, hah. I literally turn Benedict from Pusher to Assassin.

Seems a pretty decent build, though i’m not sure about the usefulness of “Make some room” on Meltdown, as there is a lot of way to escape melee without it. I don’t use it, personally, as it can spread a group of enemies without wanting to.
But since you don’t seems much of an attacker, i guess you don’t really need the slow.

Also: Updated the Gear section of my build.

Meltdown is really easy to get caught in a corner if not careful due to the lanes. But I agree as a pusher he is one of the best

I tested Benedict’s Damage and i am 99% shure that it is 184 (+7 per Level) Level 10 = 247. Thats the Base damage without any items items.

Hm… the damage numbers are from the CTT (Which were approximative already), and i forgot to check if it changed during Open Beta.
Thanks, i’ll check that at game release.

You guys might be a bit busy right now, but if a moderator could move that topic to the new Benedict Category, that’d be nice.


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Thanks a lot.

Hah, it would’ve put me right off of my wine if you weren’t the first one in the Benedict section! :wink:

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I have been wondering for awhile.

Any idea how many AS I should get to do a 4-shot rocket in one Q instead of 3? I’m tweaking my loadout over and over to try and get the exact minimum percent to mash left click and still does all 4 hits.

At first, I thought stacking 60% ish reload speed would be good since reload is so good on Benedict. Decide I might as well just really 100-0 in one Q. I’m going for 55% ish reload at most instead now.

[quote=“zeitzbach, post:22, topic:1335245, full:true”]
Any idea how many AS I should get to do a 4-shot rocket in one Q instead of 3? I’m tweaking my loadout over and over to try and get the exact minimum percent to mash left click and still does all 4 hits.[/quote]
No idea, but probably a lot considering his base attack speed is around 1 shot per second.
I don’t have the equipment to try that right now, but i’ll try when i can.

That might also mean you’ll have to remove his Legendary, as it doesn’t have Attack speed in his secondary stats.

Heh, i have a reputation to hold.

[quote=“Giuvito, post:21, topic:1335245, full:true”]In the future, @Corrsk. Don’t hesitate to flag a post and put a move request in the description.

It’ll help the mods deal with it quicker.[/quote]
I was thinking about doing it. But you did it in like… 2 minutes? So i didn’t even had the time to reconsider, hah.

I’m playing with 9.0% something atm which is a lot better than playing with -8% AS.
Legendary will probably stay since his cooldown is balanced around it unless I can end up with a reload magazine that also has Atk and Reload at close or higher percentage. Hard part will be finding a good Attack damage and attack speed item. IF possible, something with - recoil to reduce cost because Benedict doesn’t care about that.

Saddest part about legendary though is that they moved it to “Complete all lore” instead of just doing the rocket fired lore.

Did they? Haven’t tried to get my challenges yet (I was unlocking Toby and Benedict first) Well i’ll have to add that information.
Benedict’s Challenges mastery won’t be that simple for me though, Three others UPR with randoms is kinda rare.