Benedict Builds and Informations

(Zeitzbach) #26

Check the challenge award. They put every character into “Complete all lore” now.

And yeah, getting other UPR in the team is the hardest one. Luckily, it doesn’t involve a win (I think, according to the description since it said nothing about winning) so surrendering might…be…an option.

Wish they tone it down to “Two others” because UPR has no support char to warrant having 4 of them at once. Picking Galiea already make Montana (and 90% other BB) go “Ehh why play them?”

(Daxman) #27

The best possible thing that could happen, outside of any buffs or changes, is GBX releases a good Peacekeeper support character.

(Benedict Informant) #28

Update: Complete Overhaul. More informations (Skins, lore, etc) easier to read. Need to redo the Build section.

(Zeitzbach) #29

In case anyone want to farm the 4UPR lore easily.

Get a friend
Go do renegade hardcore.

Jump off the cliff and fail the stage.

It only say “Play” and not “Win”. IT counts even if you fail the stage. Doing this can have you done with that lore part in a few minutes.

This also works with other characters like Boldur-Thorn lore quest.

(Benedict Informant) #30

Hah, that’s an interesting way to do it. Personally i did it with 3 other Benedict normally.

Update: Added Unlocks section.
Note: I’m not sure which Mutation unlock at what Rank beside Phoenix Protocol, so if someone remember them for sure, i’ll gladly add the information.

(Benedict Informant) #31

Update: Added images for Taunts and Skins.
If anyone got non-listed taunts or skins, i’m interested.

(Manguy O) #32

Really comprehensive guide. Thanks, I like reading other people’s suggestions, especially on how to counter a character I’m playing, it’s basically reading what to watch out for from the more skilled players. I play a lot of Kelvin (whom, although not the best against Benedict, can really help the team out with a good stun and chomp on Benedict, does a lot of damage to him for the ranged part of the team to take him out and lets some melee hits in from other players while he can’t move) And after I finish leveling him and get my master of kelvin done, Benedict is next. There’s a way to increase the amount of seconds you get for gliding by jumping more times in the air so that won’t be too bad, I should get his legendary item and then I still have about 10 levels to go on him right now, and have really personally liked playing him in PvP.

Anyways, keep up the good work.

(Benedict Informant) #33


And yes, Kelvin can’t do much, but so does Benedict.
Kelvin is a bit too hard to kill to be worth a shot and lose time, except if he is attacking Minions or allies.
Also, if you manage to stun Benedict twice (Sublimate, then Ultimate) you are kinda sure to kill him if you have someone else to support you.

Personally, i just stay away from Kelvin. Which is the opposite of what i do usually (I use Quick Melee so much on Benedict, it’s kinda ridiculous, hah)

(Benedict Informant) #34

19/05/16 - More accurate damage statistics (Normal, Melee & Skills). Added “The Dance, III” taunt.

Tested this on Bot versus matches, from Level 1 to 10, Basic attack (Rockets) Quick melee, and Skills.
As accurate as possible.

Edit: Added a new Taunt.

(Benedict Informant) #35

29/08/16 - Edited Health according to recent changes. Added 2 skins and 1 taunt.

Haven’t been up-to-date lately with Benedict’s changes, so i’m not sure what changed beside his health (I think his damage got up then reversed back?)
Also his reload animation, but that’s not worth noting.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #36

Have you used dive bomb I swear I did 400 damage with it

(Benedict Informant) #37

I did, for testing purpose, but the camera go crazy when you do it (Unless they fixed it since?), so it’s hard to see how much damage you do.

So, i’m not sure how much damage it does, and 400 seems a bit high, but considering the drawback it’s possible…
I’ll test it in the next few days, but if you can confirm the damage it does (In PvP, as PvE doesn’t have the same damage) i’ll add it in the guide.

(Aurox, omnidimensional horror) #38

Ok thanks I’ll try to test it today