Benedict could use a nerf

(Angelsthanatos) #1

I feel like he counters to many characters, and too few counter him. He does far more damage than is reasonable in a game like this I think, especially with his legendary. Thoughts?


(Jennerit Supremacist) #2

Revert Benedict back to day one status. Problem solved.


(Deandes in crime ) #3

Benedict never really gives me grief due to the fact that I’m playing a direct counter to him 99% of the time. If he received a nerf, especially to health (I think day one Benny had lower health) then i would be dropping Benedicts left right and center. They already die really quickly and I’ve only met one who knew how to avoid the ult trap (kinda).

I’m not arguing against a nerf mind you, I’m just saying that I will kill a lot more of them. But maybe that’s the point of a counter. But I know a good Benny can be a pain for other characters, so really I’m okay with whatever Gbx does to him so long as they don’t give him a buff.


(Accursius13) #4

The biggest things they need to fix on him are his Legendary gear or his second jump helix. I played him last night after not touching him in forever and I Went 19 - 3, This was a 4 vs 5 (I was on short end) , the ability to lower your cooldowns while gliding makes him super cheap. I literally would use hawkeye, lock on and unload my full clip and get a kill which i would follow up by just gliding and blasting minion waves and have hawkeye back up by the time I would land, having the second jump makes you a big menace and easily gets your legendary working super fast, stack a bit of reload and attack damage and he is super OP. His health is no issue as you can get killed pretty fast if you get caught or stunned.
My suggestions would be:

  • Make hawkeye shoot 2 missiles with the helix upgrade, 3 is almost impossible to dodge, specially if he catches you in close quarters.
  • Legendary gear reduces cooldown with each hit by .5 or even .25 secs. 1 sec is alot not to mention when you have an ernest powering you up with his egg you can get hawkeye back waaaaay to easily.
  • His second jump needs a cooldown. being able to use this jump without any wait period allows you to stay in the air for far too long, again making it easy to take advantage of his legendary.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #5

…How? You have to land to use it again, adding a cooldown to his passive to fix a problem with his legendary gear makes no sense. Just change the Legendary so it’s not so easily abused.


(Accursius13) #6

Not his gliding passive, but the second jump you get from left helix at lvl 5.


(The Art of the Foxtrot) #7

That’s technically a third jump, and either way it really doesn’t matter. If you’re play a character wh ois unable to deal with him when he’s mid air, it’s not your job to deal with them. Leave him to snipers and the like.


(GT: Eldritch Arcana) #8

Tbh Benedict seems a little weak to me, not enough players play him.

His rockets need to do 4000 damage each and hawkeye needs infinite duration to make him more balanced compared to the rest of the cast.


(Jennerit Supremacist) #9

You had me going there for a second. You really did. Take that like :heart:

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(Jennerit Supremacist) #10

You forgot the biggest thing that makes him broken. The duration of Hawkeye lets him fire all five rockets within the duration of a single hawkeye provided he has one piece of attack speed gear. The single greatest buff he has ever received (and he still has it btw) is the one second increase to hawkeye’s duration. If they brought it back down to 2 seconds base duration instead of 3 it would make a world of difference. Way more than anything you mentioned.