Benedict exploit on overgrowth

Just had a match on overgrowth against a Benedict that was cheesing the tall “grate-style” barriers by the sniper posts and the “girder-style” barriers by the tunnels. By double jumping and using liftoff he was able to get on top of these narrow barriers and rain rockets down on the team/sentry with little to no consequence as we had no sniper.

Match ID: 20160612-669ed8ff-2db9-48a9-84ec-9593d1b18461

Please address this issue as it is unbelievably overpowered.


I´d highly recommend to write a official support ticket for this case too.

I’m a noob, how do I do that? XD

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Oh, ehm, I should know since I´m mod and stuff, but…give me a second, I find it out for you! :heart:

Actually I found it with the power of Google, thanks a bunch ^^

Here the links to submit a ticket/request on:

GBX website

and 2K´s website. I guess a request is their name for a support ticket

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hehe, no problem! :smile:

This has been in the game and a known thing since October last year during the stress tests.

Because you can easily shoot him unlike the Marquis thing I doubt its on high prioroty.

Other characters can get up there too, like Mellka/Caldarius/Isic.

Unless your team was all melee, a number of characters can counter this also you can Shoot Benedicts Rockets to destroy them.

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It’s not an exploit, it’s his core gameplay to be far above you and rain rockets down on you. That’s the reason he has a lower hp and shield pool and his rocket don’t hit instantly but have a long traveltime and are even destroyable before they hit you.
Every ranged charakter can hit him up there and severall battleborn can get up there too.
It’s your own fault not to pick the right ones but only your favs.

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The areas in question are clearly not intended to be used for standing on and if their intention was for Benedict to constantly be above everyone in the game they would have given him unlimited gliding. It is obviously an oversight and I’m sure they will fix it at some point.

I don’t think it is an exploit at all. He has low shield/hp for a reason. He can get places other people can’t. Both of those spots you mentioned have almost zero cover (I should know, I use them occasionally). So all you had to do was shoo him away with bullets. And if you were an all melee team then shame on your team comp.

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Isn’t this just a factor of playing Benedict? If you’re doing this, doesn’t it mean you’re playing him right? I hope they don’t fix this, even though I’m not doing PvP yet.

Why? It’s the equivalent of hitting the underside of a platform with a sprinkler in Splatoon. It’s not OP, it’s not breaking the game, it’s just skilful play. You can shoot the sprinkler/Benedict down with ease if you know what you’re doing. By which I mean that this is a team composition problem, considering how Benedict can stay in the air, having a team without any proper ranged characters is insanity.

This is bad team composition. Nothing OP or game breaking here. If they tamper with this I’d really just… well, I’d be shaking my head even more than I am now.

Thing is, to state this again, people have said the same thing about Splatoon’s sprinklers. They haven’t been fixed. Why? It’s easy to counter them. I will keep stressing that if you don’t understand that ‘If something is easy to counter, then it’s not broken or OP,’ then you don’t understand PvP.

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just look at paradise, there are so many spots on that map benedict can land on. all the other maps seem like they were designed by a different map designer since they put invisible walls on most spots benedict can land on.

its all the other maps that need redesign to let benedict land on higher platform, not get rid of them