Benedict homing rocket VS physical obstructions

first, watch this

Now before i say anything, this isn’t supposed to be me crying for a Benedict nerf. I will not degrade myself to rambling on angrily because i got a little bit rekt here and there. Unfortunately, dying happens.

Now then, can someone explain to me how the hell I’m supposed to counter that? As you saw i got stuck with a hawkeye. In response I jumped around the corner to get some sort of protection. Since I was around the corner I thought I was safe, that his rockets would home in on the most direct path and crash into the wall.

I was wrong.

So i moved back a bit but it was too late. The rockets made their nice lazy tracking acrs right around the wall and hit me in my face while I was defenseless, all the while Benedict sat comfortably within his base.

Now there must be a better way to deal with this. Hawkeye shouldn’t meant it’s game over. Sure i could throw a holoclone (or use any other cloak), but i threw it at the enemy team with the hopes that it would cause some confusion.

TL:DR whats the best way to avoid Benedict’s homing rockets, when they can apparently track you around walls.

ive never figured this one out. When I play him, it seems like I can get enemies tracked, but nothing ever hits them. When I’m on the other side, I am hiding in places and they swing around corners and do 90degree turns to get me…

However the amazing tracking works, it annoys me to the nth degree. Not because it’s deadly, which it is, but because Reyna, the only other person with a tracking projectile, has hers head directly for the person and hit walls. It feels so useless at any range when they can just step behind a wall.

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Nothing fishy about this. My guess was that Benedict was closer to you than you think when he was shooting most of those. He had to have been on the stairs. How I think the homing works, after playing lots of Benedict, is that the rockets will always go a set distance before homing. There is some sort of propulsion that has to take place, or it has to get to a certain speed, or something, before it registers a target to home in on. So the rockets went their minimum distance which happened to be past the wall, then they found you afterwards and homed. I believe the rockets behave this way and don’t directly home every time is so when you happen to get multiple people Hawkeyed at once, if a target died while the rocket is in flight, it can target someone alive. Consider this as opposed to the rockets choosing one target when they’re fired and all rockets arrive at an already dead enemy to no avail since they have slow travel speed.

Tl:dr… In that situation you needed to be further away, so when the rockets clicked to homing you would have been far enough to force a more acute angle of flight. Rockets behave this way so they can more reliably hit targets. Hawkeye is Hawkeye for a reason, it’s Benny’s only real kill guarantee aside from his ult.

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They don’t. Their flight path is quite predictable if you are used to it. The guy just know how the rocket act and played with it.
I killed quite a few peoples who thought they were safe that exact same way.

You should have gone for the gate, instead of here, as the rockets would have crashed into the doors or frame.


This guy said what I meant in fewer words

This is it. Thank you kindly.

I played Benedict enough to “master” him, but not at all past that, so I really only had a general idea of how he works.

Now another question, if you are hawkeyed is there any chance of dodging the homing rockets or are they a guaranteed hit if you are in the open?

They go straight before homing, sometimes you can get closer to benedict and rockets will fly in circles.

But stupid benedict wont try to aim, while good benedict will aim you easier now that you are close.

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Not really, no. How to counter hawkeye: don’t get hit by it and if you do, high tail it to a walled-in area

Not trying to sound sarcastic but that’s really the only way. Hawkeye is designed to lock in kills once it tags you. It’s easy to avoid if you see it coming but usually u don’t see it coming :sweat_smile:

Huh. and what if it hits multiple people? I think that kleese got hit too but im not sure. I know you can get the tracking circle on more than one thing. Does the rocket choose to target the closest person, or the first one hit (or something else)? And if multiple people are hit is there a way to pass off the homing effect to someone else who might be targeted? I would be kind of a dick move, but…

Any deed, and price.

I also just realised I could have stood behind the kleese to share some of the damage without needing to transfer the homing effect.

It’s nearly impossible to dodge a homing-rocket (You can with Teleport, but the rocket will still home back to you after) The only safe way, it to find cover… Or shoot the rocket (Yes, it’s possible, with Physical projectile)
The Rocket does a sharp turn (It won’t do a 360° though) so be aware of that.

If the Hawkeye rocket hit multiple targets, or if you got the Helix upgrade who shoot 3 Hawkeye rockets, it’ll lock the last one hit (And probably the closer to the center of the explosion, but not sure) the rest will be marked, but not locked.

You can’t “pass” the track on someone else.

Also, since you played Deande: Going invisible won’t break it either. You’ll still have the mark on you (Which also mean that everyone will see a floating mark running away, aka: They’ll see you)

Finally, i’m not 100% sure on that, but i think the Mark you get from Hawkeye is considered a CC, and can probably be reduced with Gear.

Missiles dosent track/ follow invisible targets. Same thing happens with reyna priority target left helix lvl 2

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What do you mean by “share” the damage? The aoe damage isn’t dispersed between targets, it just deals the same normal damage to every target. But kleese would have likely body blocked a lot of that, yes.

Also everything Corrsk said is correct, except the last part. His hawkeye is a debuff, not CC.

Also, this is fact

basically by share I just stand behind him and let the rockets hit him on their way to me. Pretend like he’s a wall or something. human shield. he could probably live.

and I knew as much as they don’t track clocked targets from playing against a god friend of mine in privet games. the circle still shows on the screen and he can come after you, but it not as easy.

If you have a red bar connection, Hawkeye makes for a depressing time. Likewise fighting the Sentry or Reyna with homing plasma. You will get hit up to a full second after you’ve taken cover, and it will sometimes kill you through a wall. Mellka-bane.

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Everytime i read you i want to tell gbx protect her and let her play melka all day in a Green bar conetion.


Sometimes, after respawn, Mellka pipes up with “We can definitely do this.” I always imagine that she’s talking directly to me, trying to give me a pep talk, haha :wink:

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I know, but as i said you are still marked by it.

Now, apart from the OP question, I’m really curious how is that there are so many rockets homing. I personally playing Bendict was able to shoot 3 max. This here packed 4, moreover he shot 2 more aftrer that (I thought clip count is 5 not 6). Amazing.
Also: I could swear that Hawkaye have hit Kleese not Deande - does in case of group splash hit rockets choose to home to nearest target?