Benedict homing rocket VS physical obstructions

(Deandes in crime ) #21

maybe he stacked reload speed? are there any reload speed augments for Benedict? I know gear wise he is either using his character legendary or the veil breaker rounds for a +20%ish reload buff. The other gear was either the shard of jennar (ambra char legendary) or the bola’s target finder, which does not increase reload speed. he could also be stacking attack speed to get that fourth rocket on. i know the bola’s target finder has a secondary stat of attack speed.

I’m not 100% sure on how the rocket picks its tracking target, but previous posts have lead me to believe that it’s the last person hit that gets tracked.

(Not-Toby) #22

I see, Benedict’s lore legendary or Veil Breaker indeed, either has just ~20% Realod Speed, no stacking though.

And Bola’s Harget Finder adds merely 5% to AR, and this here is Surely not Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr (stacking AR for Crits). This looks like he fired those 4+3 rockets continously.

BTW Also see no Ernest egg around. Strange case indeed.

(Benedict Informant) #23

He clearly took the Reload speed in his Helix.

Also, with just a +7% Attack speed, i can land 5 rockets during the entire Hawkeye effect (With the +1 second duration Level 1 helix upgrade) You have to shoot your rockets asap, though.
So four rocket is nothing weird.

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(Deandes in crime ) #24

oh yea he does have that reload speed helix. just looked at a chart. gives 30% for a total of 50ish. now if we stack a VoZF on there and maybe keep the Bola’s i wonder how many rockets you could get off. gonna have to test that, though I don’t really play him that much

(Benedict Informant) #25

They fixed the Reload speed glitch. You can’t “improve” your attack speed by using it now.

(Deandes in crime ) #26

I never even knew there was such a thing until. Well acctually I heard of it, but I never paid any mind because I didn’t use the character.

I’m just talking about the normal attack speed buff you get from the gear


I’ve seen benedicts run bola’s with success. It makes sense when you think about it. Bola’s effect works perfectly with hawkeye since the nature of it is damage them with a skill then follow up a hail of death rockets. The extra attack speed is just an added bonus. Although I must say I’ve tried it and I still prefer benedict’s lore legendary + talon of the hawk.

(Benedict Informant) #28

That’s what i use too (Ben’s Legendary + Talon + Health armour)

I find Bola’s lacking for Benedict. The added damage is kinda low, the Skill damage nearly useless (Most of your damage come from your base rockets or combos who goes with it) and the healing received is pointless.

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I genuinely love using these items in conjunction.

My thing with Bola’s, is that you’re already doing a ton of damage even without items. You could use something with utility, like his legendary or max health like you said, instead of investing 1800 shards for a relatively measly amount of extra damage.

Also, bola’s doesn’t have healing received. Maybe you left out something in the post?

(Benedict Informant) #30

I remembered Bola’s having healing received, my bad. (Either an old build, or i read it somewhere)
Attack speed is slightly better, but Talon is still better for Bene anyway.

(The Art of the Foxtrot) #31

I thought it just traveled farther because they were also targeting Kleese… guess not!