Benedict horror story the day before the update

On my DD Battleborn account I hadn’t mastered Benedict yet, just needed to glide for a few hours.
So today I decided to use the Sentenal, the jumppad that opens up to launch you high.
That’s a good spot to do his lore because you just jump and glide over and over.

Did it, completed the lore.

Completed the map, got two legendaries.

Instead of a successful score I got an error message to check back later for my score.
Gone of course, all lost. Complete horror. :acmrage:


It’s honestly not that hard to do the glide challenge… you pretty much just play Benedict a lot…

Still, I feel your pain. Not as much, since my 0 score “tragedy” happened on my only Advanced Heliophage 5-man run ever… but really, it does suck.

let me clarify: I am not saying your pain is less than mine, I’m saying you have it worse. Re-reading my comment, it made me look a bit arrogant, so I wanted to clear that up

Shucks Darn! That’s aggravating.
Hopefully tomorrow will help change that.

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Ouch. I can feel your fustration. That’s rather unfortunate.

However, would it be easier to do it over several games rather than in one go? I find it better not to think about lore challenges like these and just let them come naturally. Just offering a suggestion.

You’ll get it eventually though either way. :slight_smile:

Ouch. One more day though!

Moral of the story:

PvE needs to cut its dependency on the servers.
Sorry about your loss of legendaries.


nothing makes me more annoyed than the fact that we have to be connected to the internet to play story and ops. I sincerely hope they don’t bring this to BL3 because I like playing my ps4 without internet, especially when I’m home

It would also prevent this nonsense where progress isnt recorded and can even wipe the fact you got legendaries and stuff

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Nothing is worse than 2 minutes away from finishing a mission and being dropped because the connection had a hickup. I know that pain too well.

That’s happening right now in Bot battles.

My buddy had this problem after we had been in The Void’s Edge for like 30 minutes, he was El Dragon and had to hit 4 enemies at the same time 100 times. FeelsBadMan

We feel your pain man.

I found competing Benedict’s glide lore challenge pretty simple when I just bounced and glided from one jump pad to the next at the second defend point on The Renegade. You might want to try that out if you want to knock that challenge out.

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