Benedict in PVE

I love this game. It’s got great potential and I hope Gearbox will release more content and more missions. The content right now is on the short side, but I’m confident GB will give us more later.
Anyway, I play this game PVE exclusively (yeah, I’m one of THOSE) with a bunch of 4 friends. My favorite is Benedict so far. I love blowing ■■■■ up and causing big explosions and he’s perfect for that.

Unfortunately, I also have low DPS. No matter what choices I make in the Helix (I tried most options but now I usually follow what good guides say) and no matter how many RPG’s I pump in an enemy’s face, my DPS is by far the lowest.

Is this me sucking terribly, or is it Benedict being a low DPS character? Since it’s PvE, nobody really cares about my DPS as long as we’re having fun right.

But on higher difficulties I have a feeling I won’t be viable. And I just love characters that blow stuff up…

I don’t use bendict so not sure about his helix choices. He can launch in the air though and this I would imagine could be very useful in pve as a get away when you are in trouble. Think heliophage… I guess it may be a trade off for increased mobility?

From my limited experience with Benedict (I’m only rank 5 with him) he’s more about AoE than sheer damage. I’ve also noticed his crits are CRAZY if you can manage to pull one off. I try to focus on reload speed and AoE whenever possible. He’s more mobile than others as well so he can escape combat easily. I say, play him in whatever way you have most fun with. That’s the point of any game in my mind!

feel like theyll wind up buffing his ultimate at some point a bit as it only does about half hp to mobs with an 80 second cooldown i dont know if this is just me being salty?
but i do think hes more of a pvp guy i mean i can hold the door on the renegade by myself with phoebe kinda hard with Benedict though. hes good at focus killing and the smaller mob control with his ultimate thats for sure.


What these guys said rings true. It’s not all about the overall damage.

Give him damage and reload speed items for gear.
His crit damage is really high.
He’s mainly for killing lots of grouped minions in a short amount of time. Really nasty in meltdown.

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Also he can get to places in campaign that most people can’t easily get to. The sentinel large crystals and end of void edge come to mind.

Everyone can get the the large crystals in the sentinel, some heroes (like benedict) just has a shortcut. But Void’s edge does count, sorta.

I really want to like Benedict but he really seems like a one trick pony.

I play PvP. He is great if not the best at destroying turrets and pretty good on bots but I can barely finish off another player. Great at setting them up but terrible at knocking them down.

I’m sure it’s probably my lack of “git gud” but I have yet to unlock his potential.

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I just want to say that I completely agree with the OP. He needs a buff damage for story mode. No doubt. I won’t play him in story mode ever since I spent like 3 mins shooting this one guy that my teemmate was running around killing in half the time. And i was hitting this guy with every rocket and ability I had. His damage is low, no doubt. You shouldn’t have to do all these tricks just to get him up to the damage that is normal for most everyone else. However, I have heard something about a glitch to instant reload in pvp, but i’ve never tried it myself

Hmmm… I 'm gonna see if I can find him better loot. Thing is, the good loot is so expensive in shards it takes a while to activate.
Apart from reload speed (which I have a green one of so I can activate it early), which are best? Those gauntlet things that just increase attack power only for melee, or are they for ranged too? Are they good for Benedict?
Which others would you recommend? Because my DPS and even kill count in PvE is much lower than the rest.
There’s probably a lot of “learn2playnoob” on my part… Shooting rockets properly requires lots of practice.

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No, he is fine.
And it’s not about the gear either, because i only use +Reload speed, +Max health and his Legendary.
It’s the way you play him, and your helix choice, who make a difference.

I really have to rewrite my build in my Benedict topic, i think.

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^ I would be really grateful for that.

I recommend using an attack speed and reload speed buff.

I use an attack damage increase, yes.

Maybe I just suck with his rockets but I felt like I was constantly reloading with him. He only gets like 6 shots and I am spamming them as soon as I see an enemy. Luckily his helix with reloads speed really helped. Still I think he’s more about flying around and shooting while moving. I will have to practice with him more in normal mode.

Is it true that you can stay airborne with Benedict? Maybe with cooldown build?

Got a question about Attack Power gear by the way. The gear that looks like a metal gauntlet glove thingy, that’s attack power even for non-melee right?

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Technically speaking: Yes.
His Legendary reduce the cooldown of all your skill by 1 second for each rockets that hit (At least) one target.
So if you put Gears which reduce cooldown, his legendary, and the Reduce cooldown for Liftoff in his Helix, you can Liftoff+Glide for a really, really, long time (Even forever)

Yep. It’s just a visual for the item. Same for the dagger, sword, etc…

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So cool, thanks much.