Benedict is Awesome Thread

Hey, y’all!
There’s a lot of whinin’ and complainin’ in all the other threads, so I decided to start my own.
This is the "Benedict is Awesome Thread."
THE place for fans of Benedict, and his FRIGGING AWESOME rocket launcher to come out an’ talk about how awesome I… Benedict is.

So yeah… wings and a rocket launcher. BENEDICT RULZ!!!
Who’s with me?


Nothing more fun than getting direct hits in midair.

“What’s wrong?! Ooh you’re DEAD!!”

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Almost done with “Master of Benedict” Just need a couple of games to hit rank 15 and around 30 mins flying left.

I have to say, who the hell decided he has to fly for 3 hours???

I know right! High five yo!

More like, who the hell decided it be less than 30 hours! He ain’t no flightless bird!

By the way, you can just go to renegade and bounce on jump pads by gliding to them, every jump pad ads a second per second (so one jump then glid is 1 second per second, 3 hours takes 3 hours, and then a double jump is two seconds per second, 1.5 hours. Jump pads count as a jump and if you land directly on one, you don’t touch the ground. Did 3 hours in less than 8 minutes, should still work)



No but seriously, as my first mastery, and possibly my favorite character in the game, benedict truly rocks. Just glad my team leaves the flying to the professionals.

Honestly I see a lot of benedicts that go 0 and 5+ in matches, and I just so badly want to help them, just not sure what to say.

One thing i do know though is that benedict only gets awesomer when you run chrono key and air mail together, -3-4 seconds on cooldowns every 2 rockets

On another note, we’re about the third smallest group of (insert battleborn) lovers. the only lore masteries done less than beenedict (on xbox one) is toby (whom is practically impossible to do) and el dragon, because he’s hard to play.

Same on PC, which i find kinda strange, to be honest.

I think it may be because no one knows you don’t have to glide for 3 hours to uh, glide, for three hours.

Well i did it legit, and i know a few others Master of Benedict who did it legit. But, maybe… That and the “3 Other UPR” challenge is probably not helping.

I guess it also have to do with peoples actually not knowing how to play him at all. So they don’t like his play style and just don’t play him.

He is one of the most fun characters, my other joys are:
Toby (Friend jokes rock me)
Alani (OMG even if she doesn’t ever shutup she is hilarious)

My one and only complaint about Ben is related to Advanced Story mode, he takes a ton of extra damage.

I’ve only played against/with one benedict who didn’t go negative, and he had a master miko healing him all the time (he was a master himself though, and he was still good regardless). I think people see him as low dps, slow velocity, slow reload, and a large character that’s only plus is thee z axis, and doesn’t even have burst dps. But once you see how powerful hawkeye really is, and how useful boomsday can be, i think that’s when you see how strong benedict really is. I was playing random characters and got him and i apologized to my friends because I knew I’d get too many kills (I forget what they were doing, but they were trying to do a lore challenge) Ended that match 20/1 and second place on my team in terms of kills had 5 or less.

I just love that the character plays as self centered as his personality is.

Hawkeye can burst for CRAZY amounts, if done correctly. I don’t always use Boomsday for heros and use it to sometimes wipe minions out.

Honestly, there’s no better chase than boomsday if you can use it right. A lot of times i’ll use boomsday on a mellka or someone with a shield, it’s an uncounterable 500 damage 90% of the time if used weell, and that can easilly be the killing blow on a lot of characters. Only issue is you’re still the entire time, so you have to be careful as to make sure you don’t get yourself killed.

Between 625 and 750, actually, depending on your level.

Right, thanks, 500 at lvl one, by the time you get to use it, your lvl 5. so, even better for killing things.

That’s partly due to the difficulty of playing with 3 other peacekeepers if you solo queue, which most do.

Others are just play with 1 char x amount of times, not 3 simultaneously (except Boldour)

I LOVE your sense of humor…especially when you say…“Tried my best on that guy’s tombstone, in crappy font, WITH GLITTER AND S***!” Quick question though, why do you sometimes sound like a chicken or a rooster?

'Cause it’s expected of me. Makes the UPR guys feel more comfortable and less threatened by me, 'cause let’s face it. I’m kind of gun crazy.

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Benedict’s unique blend of unparalleled aerial maneuverability, firepower, and irreverence made him an instant favorite for me. like many of You, he was my first mastery. (Yes, The Tour was the hardest one to get…) My only complaint was in his selection of taunts… well until I bought “Lunch Break”. :wink:

I never tire of hearing his comments when sighting other Battleborn in PvP. (Particularly his commentary on Caldarius’ jet pack).

As to getting kills, I usually run in the role of area denial and fire support; peppering the enemy with long-range rocket-fire to prevent shield recharge and for general harassment. When I see a fast enemy like Melka, or Caldarius try to break from the action: Boomsday Time! Speaking of Boomsday - the Mutation that leaves napalm everywhere is IMHO the best thing to happen to Benedict at any level. :smiley:

Anyway, yes: Benedict is AWESOME!!! :sunglasses: