Benedict Lore Challenges


I figured this would be as good a place as any to post this. I need help with Benedict’s lore challenges, specifcally the play a match with 3 other peacekeepers 3 times. It is the last lore challenge I need for him. I don’t have any friends on xbox live that have this game and leaving it up to chance would make it practically impossible to get. I’d be glad to try this on versus match or story, especially since I still need to get some silver medals on normal and do a runthrough on advanced. (Two birds one stone and all [sorry couldn’t resist that pun]) If anyone would like to help just reply here or send me a message.

Thanks in advance.

Heyhey! I moved your topic to the XB1-section, maybe you find some Battleborn to help you.

I come to play rather rare lately, but my fiance plays every day and has OM, Gal & Ernest, and I could serve with a not-that-bad Oscar myself. (just started him recently, i´m more a Rogue-type :smile: )

If you like hit me with a friend-request. I can´t promise anything, but maybe we´re online at the same time and get your lore done :heart:
GT: Ganjamira

I can help you with that Tuesday evening (eastern); got a few folks on my friends list who are also good about helping out with lore challenges. GT: Alkymist96

I sent a friend request and a message on xbl. I would love to play some tonight just let me know what time and i will hop on

I’ll be on after supper so about 2 hours from now more or less. I have to connect briefly with someone else for some BL2 gear, but otherwise I’m up for some Battleborn!

Don’t see a FR from you. Is you GT same as your tag here?

I added Alkymist96. Mine is BroodyGambit

Odd - didn’t get the notification. Just added you.