Benedict Lore: The Tour

(louis999) #1

Hi there, so I’m a massive fan of benedict and have been playing as him all the time since the Closed Technical. I play splitscreen with my brother and don’t have any other friends who play battleborn.

The likelihood of me coming across three other peacekeepers is ridiculously low, and doing it three times just seems impossible for me. I just want to unlock master of bendict and it seems fairly impossible/unfair - especially considering people like thorn only have to play with one other character (boldur). Please find a way of making it easier for those who can’t get 3 other peacekeepers!

(Not-Toby) #2

I’d advise waiting for next Chaos Rumble. Or just try Story mode and ask other team members to pick UPRs.

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(Penguin connoisseur.) #3

Are you on PS4? Because i’ll help you complete it if you can find two others to do a suicide-story mission with. My online ID is the same as it is here, and i’m usually on from between 12:00am-3:00am U.S. Central time.

(Gerard HDZ) #4

I’m willing to help
PSN is VonStoogiN

(Jennerit Supremacist) #5

If you are on PS4 the I shall also assist.

PSN is BaineTheBro
I’m online most of the time during the weekend because I lack a social life so send me a message and I will likely respond quickly.

(louis999) #6

Thanks, sounds like a good alternative - though I wish they’d tell us when it is!

(louis999) #7

That’d be really helpful! I was just wondering what you meant by suicide-story mission? Is that we all UPR and then jump of a cliff kinda thing? That sounds like a great method, but does it work? Just wondering as I thought you’d have to complete the mission? Thanks for the offer! Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to do those times as I live in the UK :confused: I am online from around 11:00am (BST) - haven’t had breakfast yet :smiley: my PSN is Sunleopard9 if it helps, just let me know :slight_smile:

(louis999) #8

@ArmoredElder @blainebrossart1
That’d be great, thank you! I live in the UK and will very likely be online from 11am (BST) until 1:30pm. If it helps, PSN is Sunleopard9. Thanks again

(Penguin connoisseur.) #9

Yes, it works (that’s how i got that lore done), and it i’m correct, the time i listed is only a few hours BEFORE yours, so it’s possible we might see each other; i’m on later on my days off, which just happen to be the next two days (starting Monday, i mean). Add me, and just message me when your other two people are ready, when you see me online.

(Jennerit Supremacist) #10

Done and done.

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