Benedict need a health buff

So I’m a newbie with Benedict and I really like him. It’s just for a person who is out in the air he has under 900 hp while Alani has 1000 who is a support. I think his damage is good and he reload might need a very little speed increase. This is all my option so please tell me yours.

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He can already be a pain to kill because his ability to glide around, I would really hate to see him get more health

I’m fine with him (Obviously).

And to help a bit:
Try to get a gear that add max health. A “perfect stats” armour, it give +280 max health, which is a third of his health at level 1. That’s a big upgrade for him.

His reload speed is fine, The helix that allows you to make him reload faster + his legendary gear = never worrying about the reload speed.

You should try shooting and reloading at the same time. This basically makes it where the fire delay is replaced by a reload, thus no reload time.

Hey thanks guys. I put on some max health items and now.I’m killing like no tomorrow lol.

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Now are you okay with Alani’s stats?

You can get more informations and a couple of builds here, if you need it:

(Shameless plugin-ho!)

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Do you mean like fine with the states or equal with them?

Hm, how is that achieved exactly? Hit fire then reload immediately ? I heard this was thrown around but I really didn’t pay it any attention until now, I’m afraid :stuck_out_tongue:

Benedict in Paradise got that super-annoying possibilty of standing on the highest columns, which makes him… the biggest pain in the a** ever. Especially when your team mostly picked melees, and the only ranged is a Tobby who doesn’t seem to care about the bird in his deadly nest. Our fault for badly balancing the team, but hey, the Tobby should have been enough!
So anyway, yeah, no. No more health. The whole point of him is to be able to escape quickly through unreachable means. He is almost entirely immune to melees. He doesn’t need any health buff :wink:

You basically just hit the fire button and reload button at the exact same time and if will Fire, then immediately start a reload wait for the ammo counter to go up 1 then hit both buttons again.

I don’t play Benedict too much, but this made a huge difference for me. It basically replaces the fire delay with a reload. So your firing about as fast as you would if you weren’t reloading after every shot, but you are reloading after every shot.

Should try it and see. It’s a little weird at first but once you get the timing down it makes his overal DPS a lot better to my knowledge

Benedict is an expert at what he is designed to do. People who say he is weak have not figured out how to play him as well as they probably have not figured out what his role actually is in PvP, which is OK. Benedict is meant to be super annoying - a pusher - get in tap tap tap get out. If someone clicks the map for support, he can be there faster than most characters. He is not a strong one-on-one character until you learn how to use your mobility and surroundings. Do not expect to get tons of KO’s - I mean its possible - but the learning curve for efficiency is MUCH higher than other toons. For gear I would recommend +attack speed, +reload speed, +crystal regen.

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no way does he need a buff in anything

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