Benedict need a little buff love?

(Lancer_Seraph) #1

Been playing Benedict since beta. The more I play matches I feel he has a problem being good at any one thing. He has high damage, but as when you factor damage over time he is actually not that competitive. In fact it dwarves against Galilea, Marquis, Thorn, etc.

I get it. Skill trees and gear make it up, right? Well even with gear to compensate you have to get enough shards first or even exp for the helix. This makes Benedict a tougher character to pull into his rhythm very tough out of the gate.

The average dps (slow fire rate), slow reload, small clip, and low velocity can easily wear on your patience with him not having the survivability. Hawkeye is also a fairly tough skill to land as it also has low velocity.

I know Benedict can hold his own, especially when being an opportunist, but again that means slow progression to obtain helix and gear.



(the one person that likes capture ) #2

hard to start with till you get lv 3 reload speed helix i think. i think its best if your team communicating if you play him but i dont know. it can be hard to kill people but ive also had MANY times where people wont run and they stay and try to kill me :stuck_out_tongue: but when they do its usually not likely to killem.

due to his low fire rate you can only fire maybe 2 rockets with hawk eyes “lock on”. that extra 1 second helix might let you fire 1 more if your lucky? lol :no_mouth: itd be nice to see a minor tweak in his general shooting but if nothing happens its ok. his mobility gives him some leeway

Hes good at picking out people with low hp like rath marquis and such :slight_smile:


(Zeitzbach) #3

He’s not a damage-over-time type. He’s a full burst + AoE. A good Q AA AA AA can easily deal huge and even 100-0 squishies late game. I’m abusing this so hard by stacking all damage on him.

His strength is also his mobility. He can go from one spot to another so fast people can’t follow him. He can just backdoor your base in incursion and take out your thumper + healing station cause he’s just that good.

His only weak stage is level 1 to 3. Level 3, he gains the much needed reload speed that he no longers has any issues. Anything after that is a huge burst spike from 4 to 7.

He is hard to play but offers so much more outside just DPS. This is one thing most people new at him simply can’t spot and leave him thinking “I CAn’T DPS WELL HE IS BAD”.



well, he does have second lowest dps in the game?


(Zeitzbach) #5

Benedict is one of the most rewarded character for landing a single shot or just to the side compared to the other char because it also splash. He even has a HOMING option attached if you land the Q. This is why you can just shoot, go hide behind a cover and still shoot a homing rocket to the side of the wall to avoid it and still maximum DPS burst damage.

Don’t forget that he can easily get 400 a shot late game. 400. People only has 1600-2000 health including shield unless they’re a tank/bruiser spec. They die in 5 hits.

He is NOT meant to be a solid DPS char. He is a BURST combo type who can 100-0 squishies with a single full 5 ammo rocket.

Edit: Also I looked at the sheet. THe DPS thing is worthless. The way it works is that it takes

The Damage it deals after a full clip/ total time it takes including reload time.

Benedict takes 5 seconds to fire and 5 seconds to reload the whole thing, giving him 10 seconds time to shoot+reload.

This is why his DPS is pisslow. It takes the very idea, of that someone, is standing there and shooting and full reloading the whole rocket to calculate his DPS. Something Benedict never do and is very impractical. In actual game, he just fires the whole thing and be gone because he already did enough damage.

Just look at Montana. We exclude his heat downtime for some reason in the excel sheet which can gut his DPS.

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(Lancer_Seraph) #6

Benedict is not DPS. I only mention DPS because eventually you will come toe to toe with someone who makes you irrelevant because they have better DPS and a longer effective range, and Benedict has to run because he can’t take that much damage. He’s an advanced type character this we know. We keep saying "level 3 gives him much needed reload speed, " which is exactly my point.

Helix skills are buffs to improve a character, not designed to make a character relevant.

Also clarifying, Benedict is a good and fun character despite a low DPS, though Benedict doesn’t excel at anything except flying… and rather slowly (until helix buff).


(Zeitzbach) #7

He’s one of the best anti-melee char in the game.

He has one of the best mobility that can be used to control shard, backdoor and even make crazy escape (Did you know that if you do a double jump to a Lift off, you can jump over the giant wall on Incursion Overgrowth where the minion move pass the first entry to get to the middle of the mid that also stops anyone from firing projectile back at you if you escape throguh that way?)

He has one of the strongest spammable burst in the game, capable of dealing up to 1.6k from just landing the Q to a bunch of AA.

There are so many stuffs good about him beside just “Shoot and deal damage”.

Helix do define some char. Look at Deande. You want Uppercut to play her. Look at Attikus. He is shittier without his level 5 mutator and go god tier once he gets it.

Benedict is lucky he can perform without a single point into a Helix tree. Some char can’t even perform without mutator unlocked.


(Puunchbag193) #8

He a good character and can destroy most players, he really fast both on the ground and in the air and can get to places no one else can. Once his level 4 left i think that instant reload his gun when he using his rocket skill he can kill most people 5 shot use skill 5 more shot that autolock and he doesnt need to reload. Not many can survive that unless you miss. He is squishy yes but that stops him for being op if you getting hit with melee your playing him wrong.


(Lancer_Seraph) #9

Well I guess to sum up my point instead of a TLDR; what does Benedict do that Marquis doesn’t do better?

They have relatively the same role, strengths/weaknesses, etc. Benedict flies and is just more fun to play. However Marquis holds the better cards.


(Puunchbag193) #10

He get move faster, can to places he cant, escape better. Rockets have an area of effect destroying minion faster.

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(Zeitzbach) #11

Marquis dies if you get to him.

Marquis attacks are single target with crap wave clear.

Marquis can’t climb cliff like Benedict does with triple jump or double lift off.

Marquis can’t 100-0 people from behind a wall with homing rocket.

Marquis can’t burst people. He can only deal sustain damage. Hoodini and ult are too weak compared to snipe.

Marquis can’t do shard control. He has to constantly snipe or he will lose his presence. Benedict can do shard control and suddenly flank your squishies.

Marquis only shine in incursion overgrowth. He is much weaker in the other 2 mode and Echeleon where melee and Benedict shine more due to lack of space to reliably shoot without getting interrupted.

You can block his shots if you know where’s he’s sniping from but you can’t block someone shooting from the air for your squishies without doing some kind of ■■■■■■■■ Galilea play.

Also, if you know how to headshot thrall with Benedict, he’s one of the fastest char to do thrall camps with, even faster than Marquis.


(Furbutt-requin) #12

Honestly the battleborn that i’m playing the most is benedict because he is just awsome .
Mobilty / fire power (if you aim well at least) , that all i need !

And i don’t think a buff is needed for him , you just need to be carefull on your move
and that basicly all , push with at least 1-2 allies when you can …

keep an eye on your map , so you don’t get buttraped , always stay close to an allie , because alone you are going to get destroyed , that basicly all i’m doing and i often finish with very nice scores
it’s hard to learn how to play with him , but when you got it , Dammmmn it’s awesome :smiley:

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(Supermathv2) #13

That dick bird is a pain in the arse when he’s hovering in the air nuking people and being hard to hit. Then when he gets even a little low he just flies away. He is perfectly fine as is and certainly a pleasurable challenge to fight against.


(BipolarFish) #14

I think Benedict’s rockets need to move far faster. It’s so easy to shoot or just shoot him out of the air, or stun him, or grab him as ghalt/shayne and rip him apart. He should be squishy, but his damage should be more of a threat. I’ve actually killed him using Boldur’s explosive axe throw ability, it was pretty great but ultimately showed me his glide just makes him vulnerable to literally EVERY ranged attack in the game.


(Lancer_Seraph) #15

I do find myself getting frustrated with how easy it is for character to drop/stun/slow/pull Benedict from an advantageous position only to be killed as quickly as he can be. As people progress in game, fewer people even see Benedict as a worthy foe. My group see Benedict, Toby, and Whiskey Foxtrot as easy pickings. I Actually play as all of those characters for that reason. I like the “superior underdog” challenge (Thank you “Dark Souls” for that complex). When that proves too much I fall on my more reliable picks.

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(BipolarFish) #16

Haha I get you. I like playing Toby a lot, nailing long range railgun shots is so satisfying. I’m not really sure what the purpose of Benedict is. He’s very mobile and has damage potential, but it’s just potential, It’s super easy to shoot his rockets down or doge them. Then again that’s probably just skill gap, he may very well be the hardest to play character in the game.


(Lancer_Seraph) #17

I can say I’ve had replies in a few topics that have really helped with my Benedict play, and I’m fairly decent. Still often feel like he’s missing… something…


(Tuba24) #18

If you die with Benedict you are doing something wrong. If he was impossible to kill like he is AND hit like a truck he would be too nuts to handle. He is in an amazing place


(Lancer_Seraph) #19

Typically when you die in battleborn, it’s because you did something wrong. Also people keep assuming I mean buff his health or attack. No. More like… Maybe liftoff stun should be more than 1 sec., initial increase to flight speed, Hawkeye usable in the air, and etc.
Also there are other “Advanced” characters that have much more to work with in their helix. Though I’ve read some impressive things that you can do with Benedict, and have learned a lot, I have a feeling that gearbox did not intend him to be as technical as some of his control exploits allow him to be. Who knows, I could be wrong.


(Tuba24) #20

I love the fact that he seems so straight forward but is soooooo unique that you can always think outside the box. He has the capacity to assault from places no one even thinks to look. That is why they can’t make him any more than he is even little things like a bigger stun on launch, he already has the best escape in the game so make it even BETTER?