Benedict need a little buff love?

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I’ve actually spent a few matches finding those places you’re talking about. There are fewer than the beta as they added a couple of invisible walls/ceilings, but yes they DO go a long way with Benedict. Unfortunately those spots also tend to keep him at range making the rocket velocity a better priority over the reload speed.


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Hey quick question, what build did you do to give him 400 a shot?


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I agree with everyone talking about how unique and dynamic Benedict can be. He is my go to character and I can honestly tell you I’m the biggest overall pain for the other team during the match. Once you level up your Helix to at least 4 or 5 you’ll be able to inflict some serious damage. Unlock a few more and Benedict is capable of solo’ing Sheyne and Aurox, Rath, and even Galilea (yea I said it, and have taken her out 1v1 on more than one occassion, and we were even level) it really depends how you play. Avoidance, aim, and mobility are how it’s done. The most underrated thing about Benedict is his ability to shut down melee characters close range. When someone rushes in you simply catch them with your basic melee so they get pushed back directly in front of you, then hit a few rockets to their chest, if they charge back then repeat, if they are about to hit something else then fly up, activate Hawkeye and unload rockets while you glide over their head, if you get aiming down with Benedict you can take out anyone while flying over them. Also Benedict is the ultimate chaser in the game. Anytime someone tries to hastily avoid death I will fly up and glide directly behind them and shoot several rockets in a straight line in front of where the enemy is running. Timing and leading rockets is key with Benedict (think back to using a rocket launcher in any Halo game, leading shots and splash damage on the ground are the easiest ways to get kills with it). And for the people who are having trouble leveling him, don’t focus on expensive items or legendary gear just yet, I run 2-3 pieces of 0 cost gear that gives small benefits but don’t cost anything to activate therefore allowing me to spend my shards on any buildable I find. Also by destroying all buildable and targeting minions over players at the start of the match you’ll be able to level him faster. Another little trick relating to the items is to find a piece of 0 cost gear that grants shards per second. My loadput considers of a piece that grants 8% speed increase for heal power (which Benedict doesn’t need) the other piece grants 2 shard every second and also costs 0. So i can activate them before the match even begins and by the time I make it to the first area I can purchase a buildable and rank up easier. (common packs drop the 0 cost pieces I am talking about). Hope this helps anyone having trouble with him. He is a very powerful character but it takes a lot of skill to master his unique playstyle and to accept that some games you might not get a ton of kills but you’re contributions to the match are incredibly important. (once you master aiming with him you will get kill shots left and right, he isn’t a hard character to kill with, you just have to choose your opportunities wisely.



Buff? What? He has the most survivability in the game via mobility and is probably the absolute best in the game at minion clearing. I think his clear ability is being underestimated in this thread. Galilea? Pfft! You blow her and her minions up when she tries to push a wave. Only character that isbas effective at group minion clearing is Toby post penetrating, splitting beam with slow mines.

I’ve now played several 4v5s while I was Benedict in Incursion, and we got timed out every time while I had easily 95+ minion kills every time with very few deaths (Usually a Galilea with a shield toss while I was being a bit aggressive).

As his helix suggests, be a Bird if Prey. Hunt down the weak and disadvantaged. Hang around where most of the action is and drop a few rockets on some skirmishes. It changes the tide tremendously.

Air support and minion clearing, along with Caldarius like escape, only better. He’s not meant to assassinate or PvP dominate IMO. That’d be OP. Just sustainable, extremely heavy fire from a crazy advantageous position.


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Couldn’t reply because I was suspended.


Legendary glove : 8% damage + up to 8% damage based on remaining healed (full health = 8%)
Purple vest with damage : 5% damage
(Working on getting his legendary atm to get more damage)

Helix is

R (+1 sec)
L (knock back lift off)
L (30% reload)
R (2 more Q)
L (triple jump)
R (20% damage boost for homing rocket)
R (More damage on rocket but less AoE)
L (Lift off CD)
Mutator (Bigger area on Hawkeye)
Mutator (Fire are aon Ultimate)

Land the Hawkeye and my rocket goes up to 430 damage non crit. 600+ on a crit.

I’m used to the timing and canceling that I can force 4 rockets in a single 4s Hawkeye if I can land the last one. This is why I love the + Hawkeye Area mutator. If it lands and you’re a squishy, you’re dead. Guaranteed.

Landing all 3 rockets 399
And 4 homing rocket 430*4 = 1690

2089 damage burst combo late game at Level 10 for PvP. Level 7 barrier is the only thing you need to break to guarantee 100-0 on just landing the last Hawkeye hit and follow it with 4 rockets. Anything before that, you will want to hit one or two rockets extra or land all the Hawkeye hits so you can instantly kill them, or jump in with an ult at the end as part of your combo.


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Suspended huh? That seems to be go around.

Interesting build. Im a little surprised you didn’t go with the 50% shield damage over the extra homing rocket. Unfortunately I suck with the ultimate so I usually go with the scorcher earth aoe over the mini rockets BC I have trouble landing it plus not running the rocket into something else. Other than that I think our builds are pretty much the same. I used to go with rocket speed over the reload but that reload is necessary


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I asked for one cause I didn’t want to deal with the whole Galilea BS where I know I will just insult the crap out of everyone defending her.

Shield damage is kinda like +15% damage on homing rocket at level 9. You don’t need those because you’re already overkilling with your normal rockets. Yoy will want to land as many rockets as you can during the homing mark duration. 3 rockets will finish most 70% health foes with 4 rockets will completely kill.

It’s also why I went with H9 mutator instead in preperation for his legendary that will solve my cool down issue. Those annoying Thorn jumping around or Miko running at light speed can’t really dodge a super large Hawkeye explosion and that’s it all takes for me to just 100-0 them right away.

Minirocket H10 sucks in general. I tried and hated it. Even the bigger blast one will deal more damage if you’re the type to jump into the enemy team like me for easy kills especially when they are 2 squishies I know I’m about to destroy. Plus, you do use the ult point-blank more than range anyway unless it’s one of those “Hop behind a wall and ult in mid air to chase a running opponent” but even then, the base damage alone will kill anyway. It’s an instant nuke.


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Yea, you clearly have more experience than me. I am an assist machine but I have a hell of a time finishing them off. When they realize I’m hitting them they usually take off and with the rocket travel time someone else usually finishes the job.

I kinda prefer the extra shield damage right out of the gate BC I like to make it my job to destroy the turrets and the buildibles. A level three turret with shields will regen it’s shields before you have time to reload most times. I can usually get it done without the reload with the extra shield damage option.

Hmm, I have to get more experience with the ultimate. I wish it had a training room like Overwatch so I can test out builds on my own time.

Well you are probably pretty happy with the update on gally coming up. “God like” I believe they called her.


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Yup, just played with Benedict. I can’t finish ppl when they start running away


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His early game is poor. Gotta get used to it.

If you want to finish people, keep the hawkeye for when they’re lower. Gauge the health and make sure it’s a 3-rocket kill unless you know you the distance is good enough for a 4-rocket kill. Never use it to start with unless you’re really trying to kick the Miko or some crucial target out of the fight or give someone in the team a chance to swoop in for a kill.

You really can’t 100-0 before 5 and you can’t 100-0 before 7 without the need to ult assuming you have high enough attack damage.


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Ha, that’s funny. I use hawkeye to start the fight exclusively. I usually go around and take out the healing stations on a regular basis to force them to rely on shields so I can take them out on the second engagement. It’s super slow process and a bit discouraging but I like the character so i keep at it


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Yeah, helaing station is pretty much…

In objective priority

  1. Big shard
  2. Healing Station
  3. Solo Thrall

Usually, you get to destroy the healing station and thumper when you liftoff over to steal the shard.

And if the lane is pushed early game with nothing to do, killing solo Thrall and last upgrade/building lightning turret are pretty much what I prioritize to rush to 5 before I start grabbing my legendaries. That Level 5 powerspike really is crucial to start snowballing. I really don’t care much about kills and just focus on pushing lane simply because a level 7 Benedict can go from 1/3 to 12/4 real fast.


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Interesting. I usually go with wider aoe with my rockets. I prefer that over extra damage but less aoe. And then I go for more Hawkeye damage than aoe for hawkeye. I’d is the damage that much more significant? At least with my way, the minions go down all together easily in 2-3 rockets.


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I got my Master of Benedict the other day, and there are very few of us (it was still 0% globally when I got it) so I’ve got a lot of flyboy time under my belt.
Tips from my perspective.
He’s an excellent shard collector, because he can run the map very easily, and he’s a very weak hero early game, so it’s important to focus on shard collection, Thralls, and building and destroying buildables until you’re at least level 3 and get the reload speed or rocket speed.
Avoid fighting early unless you outnumber the enemy, and if you see melee heroes with stuns coming at you, E and GTFO.
Benedict operates on surprise and terrain advantage, and basically any melee with a stun and/or silence will delete you before you can do much back to them, and you’ll just end up feeding.
My helix preference is:

+1 second homing
Push back
+25% rocket speed
Q full reload
+25% glide speed
+20% homing rocket damage
+18% damage (reduced radius rockets)
Lift Off cooldown
+50% Hawkeye Radius
Napalm on ult.

A big tip for landing homing rockets is do not aim at the target aim higher so the rockets will go over most terrain and hit them from above for more crits.
The simple explanation of deliverying damage is take to the air, unload all your rockets on your intended target, Q load and drop towards them, fire the Q on impact then E and AA them out of existence.

My current loadout for kills is the “Air Mail” loader (Lore unlock), and a +9.36 attack speed with +5.38 attack speed on taking damage, and a +8.55% damage with +4.88% damage on taking damage.

I don’t take the triple-shot Q helix because it locks you out of your E for longer, and you’re locked into the 30% reload helix which you don’t need if your Q gives a full reload, and Air Mail is ~20% anyway.

Whether Benedict needs overall buffs, I’m not sure. At the moment he really struggles against an aggressive Miko/Gal combo, but they are OP and getting nerfed.

Dive Bomb definitely needs improvement, at the moment it disables Benedict longer than it disables his targets, it gets caught on terrain all the time, and the path drops too quickly so you almost always end up landing somewhere other than where you aim it so it’s not very useful even as an escape.
Do not ever take it unless they buff it dramatically.

Also, always remember your quick melee can push people back from you to buy you a little time when you’re silenced.
Quick melee + pushback E also knocks thralls off the edge in Overgrowth incursion for fast caps.

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The extra AoE on rockets is only really good for clearing minions, you want the rocket damage so it counts more on heroes and buildables.
The Hawkeye AoE is important because you really don’t want to waste your Q by not getting a mark on a target.


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Thanks for the read, I love getting those tips and bits of advice. Currently at 13 (almost 14) character rank, so ill be with the masters soon! I’ll defiently give your build a try once I finish off the lore, all I need is to be 15 of course and about 2,000 seconds of fly time. Also I assume your Q is your way L1 for this PS4 plebeian haha


(Zombie Masher) #37

You can get the flytime in story mode.
The algorithm is good because the first half you can fly nearly non-stop


(Ryan Nussear) #38

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing since bribing my buddies to play as peacekeepers for the tour lore

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Giving it some thought, a couple of things that annoy me about Benedict that I believe could do with some scrutiny:

When you Hawkeye someone and they stealth, the rockets stop homing in - even though the Hawkeye marker is clearly visible. I don’t know whether this is intended, but it seems incredibly backwards to have an “escape counter” that’s countered by escapes.

Silences turning off glide is crippling, especially with the epic height that a lot of “ground based” silences can reach. Also, activating Hawkeye being a self silence until launched is a bit over the top (and the interaction between silence and glide is why it grounds him).

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Great break down ol great bird guru.

Excuse my ignorance but could you translate for me, I don’t speak PC. What is this Q,E, AA, you speak of? Specifically what abilities are you activating. Great tip about aiming up though. I usually hit the wall with the homing.