Benedict need a little buff love?

(YourVillain) #41

Also " tripple shot locks you out of E longer" . are you saying the shooting the extra rockets don’t allow you to use homing. I guess my probelm not using the tripple shot is that it gives me more chances to land the rocket for lock on. That’s probly more lack of skill on my part but that’s my reasoning.

(Zombie Masher) #42

OK, sorry.
I’m very used to talking about abilities in moba style games based on the key they are assigned to (on PC).

Q is Hawkeye.
E is Liftoff.

AA is Auto Attack, or just your primary attack.

When I say “triple shot locks you out of E longer”, it’s because when you activate Hawkeye, you get silenced until you either launch all the Hawkeye rockets, or cancel with secondary fire.
When you take the helix that makes Hawkeye fire three rockets, you can’t use Liftoff until all three rockets have been launched.
It doesn’t take a long time, but it’s a good half second more than firing the single rocket where you’re vulnerable to stuns and silences which are a death sentence to a grounded Benedict.

(Zeitzbach) #43

If you’re used to doing a triple jump while hawkeye shooting, it becomes a lot safer to use the triple shot hawkeye because there’s already no room to melee kill you if you mainatain your position in the air.


Right now, it is possible to reach level 4 in Overgrowth in just 3 minutes with a bit of team communication or good shard path. When a char only has 3 minutes where he’s weak, he might actually be a bit too strong but it’s more of a “Map need to be tweaked” case in this one.

(YourVillain) #44

Thanks for the explanation. I never really took that delay into consideration. I still have a lot to learn.

(YourVillain) #45

Speaking of stage design echelon sucks for Benedict. There is really no pearch where you can get breathing room(at least that I can find).

(Zeitzbach) #46

Echelon is actually one of the few ranged char who can be played in Echelon because of his anti-melee kit.

I rarely ever stay still and shoot rocket. If I’m standing still, it means I’m not doing one of the next objective that is left open.

But sadly, Echeleon has minimal shard control too and that the solo camp is a brute thrall with annoying hitbox for rocket so you are forced to play with early weak over finding another way to level.

(YourVillain) #47

Yea, I guess I need to get better at being in the air. I get killed by gally the “melee” character all of the time, especially on that stage.

(Zeitzbach) #48

Gal kills everyone everywhere.

(YourVillain) #49

What do you think of phoebe out of curiosity

(Zeitzbach) #50

Upper B tier assassin at best.

One of the highest damage character in the game after you unlock her rank 5 mutation.

You get +150% damage and the “add AoE sweep to true strike” and you can do 500 damage on true strike alone.

Add in her teleport with later, teleport reset mutator and she’s one of the stronger melee damagers atm. If Rath is the skill-wipe type, Phoebe is the option for a normal attack type who can do more than just pubstomp.

(YourVillain) #51

Yea, I like her quite a bit more than rath. Rath just seems so boring. I just need to find someone I can actually help the team with. It really bugs me how they do the scoring system. I can destroy 20 turrets, deploy 10 thralls and build 8 tiurrets and still get a low score BC I’m not getting direct kills.

(YourVillain) #52

So I’ve been putting some time in Phoebe and I finally found a character that really fits my play style. Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting my ass beat and probably costing my team the win but I see exactly where I went wrong. I guess you have to find you niche…

…or play with Gal and play every niche

(Zombie Masher) #53

I can see where you’re coming from, and see how the triple jump could synergise with the triple shot Hawkeye.
I prefer the 25% glide speed for the map presence and chase it gives you, and I prefer to “divebomb” my Hawkeye to make it a more certain hit, and to follow it immediately with the Liftoff pushback because it generally buys an guaranteed two hits with homing rockets before they can even start to run.

And I agree with the shard run on overgrowth, it’s ridiculous how well Benedict can run it.

(stingrayp226) #54

I find Battleborn unique in that some characters are not straight forward at all to play and have very specfic niches that you need to learn. If you don’t know how to play the character you are in for a rough time. Sounds like Benedict is once of these characters.

I don’t play him, but he sounds a lot like my main Toby. If you don’t know how to play him you are in for a very bad time, and he looks like an UP character.

Not everyone can be Oscar-Mike, Marquis, and various others that are so straight forward that if you cannot pick up how to play them in 5 to 10 minutes you seriously have some basic game understanding problems.

(sport1826 - Rocket in your face y'all!!!.) #55

I Use Gear - Attack Damage All 21%
And Benedict’s Normal Health Power 1,415 HP Becomes 2097 HP When I Enhance Gear.

So Heaviest Damage

I Like To Play Him.

(KappaGiggle) #56

+Bonus damage to shields early game = Backdoor Benedict

Just be annoying as hell and make the other team chase you so they’re never all together. The rest is up to your team.

Oh and kill minions. Don’t forget about that.

(Rbg1032) #57

I have over 100 wins with Benny and I came up with a new build today for meltdown and I played it in 5 games 2 of the games were agaisnt scrubs and the other 3 were agaisnt decent players I was able to shard control well enough to spam 20 super minons and was able to clear waves to push the minons in with ease. The other thing to remember with Benny is once you fire a rocket reload immediately thay will increase your damage out put.

(Can't stand ya) #58

If you reload between rockets his DPS is much higher than that (it even notes this in the spreadsheet).

This is a VERY important trick w/ Benedict as it allows continuous fire without the need to reload all five rockets.

(AuldWolf) #59

I’ve been trying various builds with him, both gear and helix based. I definitely think he’s around B-tier. He’s not bad, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that there are people who can overtake him. Alani can, for example, but only on a good day with damage speed and her DoT. Kleese, however, is thoroughly able to humble a Benedict in PvE.

I think the main problems are that his reload speed is ridiculous and that he can’t stay in the air for very long. If those issues were fixed? That’d be great. Honestly, you could pretty much knock an easy 25 per cent off the cooldown of liftoff and it wouldn’t buff him too much, it’d just give him the mobility he’s supposed to have.

His other abilities are pretty much fine, though, I think. And his damage output is okay. It’s just the silly reload and the long delay on liftoff that seem to debilitate him so bad.

Edit: Also, the thing with Geoff having so much explosive resistance in The Algorithm is ridiculous. It just makes Benedict completely useless in that fight. Taking a character’s viability away like that is bad design. I hope they fix that.

(AuldWolf) #60

Yeah, this is very true. I usually reload every second or third rocket and that works out pretty well for me. Sometimes I forget though and I’m just sitting there all doo-dee-doo, waiting. Reload speed items also help.

Do reload speed items actually help anyone other than Benedict? I haven’t seen anyone with nearly his issues with reload.

But I still think they could boost his base reload speed a bit and not harm too much. It’d allow for greater gear diversity. You’d need less reload in your gear, then.