Benedict: Nothing Mapped to L2 Button [PS4]?

In the PS4 beta, it seems like Benedict has nothing mapped to his L2 button.
He could definitely use either an “aim down the sights” function or some type of alternate fire for his rocket launcher.

That is what you hold to glide. in the CTT it took me until the level 5 helix to understand that mechanic.

Thanks for sharing this info, murdoc!!!

I’m going to try this out the next time that I play Benedict.

Do you agree that it might be a good idea if Benedict’s L2 button did something when he was on the ground too?

Hard to say but I was confused why it didn’t do anything. I was cussing my TV out. The fact that it allows you to fly(glide) while airborne more than makes up for its non-use on the ground. I think its the devs way of saying stay in the sky. You can be kind of slow while gliding but his legendary gear reduces all cooldowns by a second for each rocket hit. There is also a unlockable mutation for a dive bomb attack. I haven’t seen it yet.

I think not because then it would be something that you would only be able to do on the ground, and I feel there would be a lot of accidentally using one instead of the other.

God, I wish I was good at using Benedict, but I have a difficult time hitting anything with his rockets while standing still let alone trying to do it while flying around.