Benedict the new broken character?

Okay so I have been seen a lot of people playing as the chicken man and so far NO ONE I talk to likes him. By like I mean think hes broken cheap and or OP. From what I have seen. He is too much in the air out of the way of peoples abilities. and gets up on structures out of the way from range characters. Now I have no clue how to solve this problem and frankly he is a nightmare for melee characters. Now are we the only ones who see this guy in need of a tweak or what? Btw not asking for a huge nerf. Asking for a way to make it so that this character cant fly out of everyones way and only to kill is with snipers or yank back down to ground.

Slow = Dead Benedict. Wait till he is gliding hit him with a slow and hes ranged attack fodder. Also, like youve stated pull him right after he uses lift off? and hes toast.

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He can be taken out by most other pushers/skirmishers as well(maybe not WF early game) if you play alot of meltdown he can be annoying because his rockets can take out everything in the lane pretty easily but in incursion he’s not that great

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When he is gliding his hitbox becomes huge. He is prime meat for people like marquis , OM , WF , Monatana and literally anyone with a hitscan weapon or atleast with a fast moving projectile.
Ghalt and shayne can hook him back down. Now if you are running a full melee team then thats your fault. He counters melee champs by design.


Good Benedicts barely even fly or get on high structures. I know in the right hands Benedict can be a HUGE problem but once I see a Benedict gliding or perching anywhere, I know they aren’t going to impact the game much at all.


The entire purpose of Benedict is to be able to fly. If he’s playing at anything but mid-close range, he’s really not contributing to your team. A slow/stun or pull is all you need and he’s insanely easy to kill. He’s the second squishiest character in the game besides Kleese.

If anything he’s closer to needing a buff than a nerf.


This. So much this. I don’t approve of players using Benedict to hide way up on maps and raining down death uncontested, but that’s more of a map design problem than a Benedict problem, even if he IS the only one who can exploit it. His low overall health and large hitbox while in the air are the death of him when combating ranged characters.

Actually he is not the only one who can reach high place

Deande, Caldarius, Kleese and Toby can do it without using a skill… Deande can jump as high as Benedict’s triple jump
And there are some others character that cna reach those place with a skill

On Paradise you can climb with all character on the top of the map

I meant the places that can only be reached with liftoff, the ones that are clearly an unintended glitch.

  • Paradise : you can reach everywhere with every character (except the round wall above the MX Elite Spawn)

  • ColdSnap : never seen any high places

  • Overgrowth : yes there are walls that only Deande and Benedict can reach (Phoebe and ISIC too with their teleport), but you have nowhere to hide and the sentry shoot you when you are on theses walls

  • Echelon : don’t think there are any high places

I didn’t played enough Capture to tell

Now we’re complaining that BENEDICT is OP???

I give up…


Lol, not ANY of those places. You honestly haven’t seen a Benedict on top of the sniper perch roofs on Overgrowth? I’m pretty sure it’s an unintended glitch, and that he is not supposed to be able to stay up there; you know, some sort of forced push-off, like when you jump on a sentry.

Right? Thorn too, apparently…

This is exactly what i said :

But like i said it’s too dangerous to go up-there… the only problem is that the sentry doesn’t always shoot at you when you are on theses wall

All character who can reach thoses walls : Attikus, Benedict, Caldarius, Deande, ISIC, Kleese, Mellka, Phoebe, Whiskey and Thorn

All the character who can counter them when there is someone up there : Alani, Attikus, Benedict, Caldarius, Deande, Galilea, Ghalt, ISIC, Kleese, Marquis, Mellka, Miko, Montana, Orendi, Oscar, Phoebe, Reyna, Shayne, Thorn, Toby, Whiskey

Only Ambra, Boldur, El Dragon, Kelvin and Rath can’t really counter them (you can still hit them)

So there is no problem (except the sentry bug)

I know right. I got why people were saying alani needed a nerf(she did need it lol) I can even handle the occasional debate on weather or not rath is op(he’s not) but everybody else is pretty well balanced except for a couple of characters that need a buff(ambra, Toby, WF, and a couple others we could debate on). We need to worry about the bad characters right now instead of the good ones

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Okay, nevermind, i’m done; we are NOT talking about the same place. I’ll try ONCE more… The sniper perches where Marquis previously used to cheeze from; you can get on the roof with Benedict. If ANY OTHER characters can get up there, i’ve yet to see it. I believe you are referring to the “walls” overlooking the thrall mercenary area; where i am aware the aforementioned characters can reach.

EDIT: Also, you edited that part of your comment since i responded, as there was no mention of the sentry when i first read it. So maybe other characters CAN get up there; i’ve just never seen nor heard of anyone but Benedict exploiting this.

The walls i’m talking of :


All the characters i’ve listed before can reach them

And on Paradise everyone whith at least a mouvement speed buff, boots, double jump or a dash skill can go up there…

Well, i’ll be a ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■■; We WERE talking about the same wall. Still, like i said, i haven’t seen anyone but Benedict up there; maybe i’m just lucky. My apologies for doubting you.

Benedict has always been very powerful.
Early threads asking for him to get buffed were pretty weird, and obviously not very well thought out.
But I think you’re pushing it a bit trying to claim he’s OP because of his map control… I’m of the opinion that his map control and mobility is the thing that makes him balanced against the rest of his kit.
He’s actually a bit weak “at ground level” and people who think he needs buffs probably spend to much time below the horizon.

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How? Any chance of a vid? I assume something about jumping on those pedestals in upper mid to get on the railings?